UK News w/c 3rd December

Here are the five cards I pulled this morning when I asked what was coming up in the UK News this week:      Lily-Woman-Stars-Coffin-Fox Older person-Woman-Fame/Celebrity -Ending/Death – Job/Work Key Card: STARS = Celebrity, Fame Central Cards: Woman-Stars = Celebrity or famous woman Stars-Coffin = Ending of stardom, celebrity death An ending or death for …

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Lozzy’s Lenormand Weekly Reading  8th October 2018

This week, I want to demonstrate, not only the basic 5-card spread, but also how you can use the 9-card spread to get more detail on any aspect of a reading. So let’s go. Here are the cards I drew this morning:      Moon-Mice-CLOVER-Rider-Bouquet The centre of the reading = CLOVER = Luck, good fortune Taking …

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Moon Card Combinations

NEW!  Lenormand Card Combinations Quiz! The Lenormand Moon card combinations and possible meanings: Moon & Rider: Period of creativity; emotional visitor; new romance Moon & Clover: Lucky instinct; positive feelings; romantic happiness Moon & Ship: Happy holiday; emotional trip; up-and-down feelings; honeymoon Moon & House: Homesickness; family feelings; emotions connected with home Moon & Tree: …

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