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Learning Lenormand

How Is Lenormand Different From Tarot?

Where Are You At In Your Lenormand Learning?

8 Beginner Mistakes When Learning Lenormand

5 Things To Learn From Looking Back At Readings


Common Lenormand Problems

 Top 5 Mistakes When Reading Lenormand for Yourself

10 Ways To Improve The Accuracy Of Your Readings

How To Deal With A “Bad” Reading

Interpreting Lenormand: Dial It Up Or Down?

Negative Lenormand Cards & Positive Ways To Handle Them

5 Reasons Not To Just Rely On Lenormand Lists

What’s The Difference? Meanings For Cards That Often Get Confused


Card Meanings & Combinations

Lenormand Card Meanings Lists

Lenormand Card Combinations Lists

Lenormand Card Meanings: Different Schools/Traditions, Different Meanings?

4 Factors That Affect Card Meanings In A Reading

How To Read Lenormand Card Combinations – The #1 Secret!

How To Make Your Own Lenormand Card Combinations

Lenormand Card Combinations: Why Card Order Matters

How To Combine More Than Two Cards

10 Tips For Learning Lenormand Card Combinations & Beyond!

How Do I Know Which Lenormand Meaning Is Right?

6 Tips For Getting Confident With Lenormand Card Meanings

Which Lenormand Meaning To Use: 5 Questions To Ask

Positive & Negative Card Readings: Answer Yes or No?

Can Negative Cards Ever Have Positive Meanings?


Lenormand Layouts 

How To Choose Which Layout To Use

Lenormand Layouts Page – How To Read 3-Card, 5-Card, 9-Card and Grand Tableaus (Step by step instructions)

3 Quick & Easy Ways To Read 3-Card Spreads

Keycard or No Keycard? That Is The Question

How To Read A Simple Pyramid Spread

The Grand Tableau – Overview

How To Read The Grand Tableau Part I

How To Read The Grand Tableau Part II

The Lenormand Houses & How To Read Them

Knighting, Mirroring & Reflection Techniques In the Grand Tableau

Understanding A Grand Tableau Reading – 10 Things To Know

Is There A Simple Way To Read A Grand Tableau?



Lenormand Techniques

Following The Trail: How To Use Lenormand To Unravel A Mystery

How To Ask Lenormand Questions For The Best Result

Lenormand Timings I: Lenormand Card Timings Meanings

Lenormand Timings II: How To Read Lenormand Timings

Lenormand Playing Card Inserts I: What Are They For?

Lenormand Playing Card Inserts II: How To Use Them In Readings

How To Tell A Story With Lenormand

A Quick Way To Get Advice From Your Lenormand Cards


Different Ways Of Using Lenormand

How To Personalise Your Lenormand Practice

3 Ways To Be More Objective With Your Lenormand Readings

7 Ways To Build Your Intuition With Lenormand

The Future, Fate & Free Will In Lenormand Readings

To Predict or Not To Predict? How To Use Lenormand As A Personal Tool

Are You Using Lenormand In The Healthiest Ways?

Using Lenormand For Predictions: What I Learned From Predicting The News

How To Use Lenormand Prediction in Positive Ways

Six Ways To Build Up To Reading For Other People

What Lenormand Readers Can Tell From The Questions You Ask


Practice Exercises & Keeping a Lenormand Journal

What I Learned From Keeping A Lenormand Journal For A Week

Your Lenormand Journal: 5 Exercises To Try

5 Personal Development Exercises For Your Lenormand Journal

Lockdown Lenormand: Practice Readings To Try

A Month In Lenormand: Check Your Interpretations!


Lenormand Contexts

Why Context Is Important In Lenormand Readings

How To Read Lenormand People Cards

Lenormand Career & Work Readings

Lenormand Love & Relationship Readings

Lenormand Love Readings 1: Cards & Combos To Look Out For

Lenormand Love Readings II: 5 More Readings To Try

Lenormand Card Meanings For The Modern World

Lenormand Money Readings I: Cards & Combos To Look Out For

Lenormand Money Readings II: 5 Readings To Try

Personal Development Readings I: Cards & Combos To Look Out For

Personal Development Readings II: 3 Readings To Try

News & World Events: Cards & Combos To Look Out For


Lenormand Decks

Choosing A Lenormand Deck: 7 Questions To Ask

New Deck? How To Bond With Your Cards

Making Your Own Lenormand Cards

Using Extra Cards In Decks: Yes or No?


Lenormand History

Demystifying Lenormand: Playing The Game of Hope