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Learning Lenormand

Where Are You At In Your Lenormand Learning?

8 Beginner Mistakes When Learning Lenormand

5 Things To Learn From Looking Back At Readings


Card Meanings & Combinations

How To Read Lenormand Card Combinations – The #1 Secret!

How To Make Your Own Lenormand Card Combinations

Lenormand Card Combinations: Why Card Order Matters

How To Combine More Than Two Cards

How Do I Know Which Lenormand Meaning Is Right?

6 Tips For Getting Confident With Lenormand Card Meanings

Which Lenormand Meaning To Use: 5 Questions To Ask

Interpreting Lenormand: Dial It Up Or Down?

Negative Lenormand Cards & Positive Ways To Handle Them

Positive & Negative Card Readings: Answer Yes or No?


Layouts & Techniques

How To Tell A Story With Lenormand

How To Choose Which Layout To Use

Keycard or No Keycard? That Is The Question

 Top 5 Mistakes When Reading Lenormand for Yourself

How To Ask Lenormand Questions For The Best Result

The Future, Fate & Free Will In Lenormand Readings

To Predict or Not To Predict? How To Use Lenormand As A Personal Tool

Are You Using Lenormand In The Healthiest Ways?

Using Lenormand For Predictions: What I Learned From Predicting The News

How To Use Lenormand Prediction in Positive Ways

Six Ways To Build Up To Reading For Other People

Following The Trail: How To Use Lenormand To Unravel A Mystery

10 Ways To Improve The Accuracy Of Your Readings

How To Deal With A “Bad” Reading


Keeping a Lenormand Journal

What I Learned From Keeping A Lenormand Journal For A Week

Your Lenormand Journal: 5 Exercises To Try

5 Personal Development Exercises For Your Lenormand Journal


Lenormand Contexts

Why Context Is Important In Lenormand Readings

How To Read Lenormand People Cards

Lenormand Career & Work Readings

Lenormand Love & Relationship Readings

Lenormand Card Meanings For The Modern World


Lenormand Decks

Choosing A Lenormand Deck: 7 Questions To Ask

Making Your Own Lenormand Cards