What’s Coming Up This Week? 8th January 2019

So here’s my first personal reading of the year. What’s coming up for me this week?      Ring-Heart-Book-Garden-Storks Centre card = BOOK = learning, knowledge, book   Central Cards: Heart-Book = Book passion, learning passion, secret love Book-Garden = Open book; public learning/knowledge, group learning Mirroring: Ring-Storks = New start commitment, beginning connection, relationship, contract …

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Book Card Combinations

NEW!  Lenormand Card Combinations Quiz! The Lenormand Book card combinations and possible meanings: Book & Rider: Revealing of a secret; knowledge or information arrives Book & Clover: Lucky knowledge; fortunate secret; great discovery Book & Ship: Pilgrimage; exploration; foreign learning; travel guide Book & House: Family secret; domestic manual; family knowledge Book & Tree: Spiritual …

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