Learn To Read Lenormand Card Combinations Online Course


Learn To Read Lenormand Card Combinations with my brand new video course!

  • 10 HIGHLY practical lessons, which will give you all. you need. Never struggle with combinations again!


  • A good understanding of Lenormand Card Meanings
  • Your own deck of cards (yes, you will be using them!)
  • Headphones & printer to download your worksheets

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Struggling with card combinations?

What they are, where you find them, why you need to know them – and how on earth you interpret them?

Look no further!

This highly practical Learn To Read Lenormand Card Combinations online course will give. you all that – and more.

  • 10 in-depth video lessons
  • Quizzes
  • Exclusive worksheets
  • And Plenty of Practice!

Lesson 1: Introduction To Card Combinations

Lesson 2: Card Combinations And Where We Find Them

Lesson 3:  Card Order & “Making Meaningful Meanings”

Lesson 4: Make Your Own Combinations: How Many Can You Come Up With?

Lesson 5: Choosing The Right Meaning: Card Combinations In Context

Lesson 6: Card Combinations In Live Readings: Questions & Answers

Lesson 7: Common Mistakes With Card Combinations

Lesson 8: Layouts For Practicing Card Combinations

Lesson 9: Starting To Combine More Than Two Cards

Lesson 10: Next Steps And Looking Ahead!


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  1. Claire Harrison (verified owner)

    This was my first course from Lozzy, as I had learned the card meanings previously. I cannot begin to express how impressed I was with this course. It covered everything I expected and then some! Lozzy takes an overwhelming topic and breaks it down into practical steps that are easy to apply to your own readings. I especially loved the format of the course videos. It was so easy to follow along with the lesson because you could see exactly what was being described. I cannot wait for the release of the next course!

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