Lozzy’s Lenormand Weekly Reading  8th October 2018

This week, I want to demonstrate, not only the basic 5-card spread, but also how you can use the 9-card spread to get more detail on any aspect of a reading.

So let’s go. Here are the cards I drew this morning:



The centre of the reading = CLOVER = Luck, good fortune

Taking the cards one by one:

Emotions -Anxiety – Luck – Arrival – Positive 

 It looks as if good luck arrives this week after some feelings of anxiety and it will be a positive thing.

The core issue of the reading:


Mice + Clover = Anxious anticipation, nerves

Clover + Rider = Luck appears

A nervous sense of anticipation about luck


Moon + Bouquet = Pleasant feelings, pleasure, happiness, joy

Mice + Rider =  Appearance of nerves or anxiety

Happiness and joy accompanied by a sense of nervousness

In More Detail – All Cards

Anxious emotions (Moon +Mice); Nervous anticipation (Mice + Clover); Luck coming (Clover + Rider); Happy arrival, gift delivery (Rider + Bouquet)

A sense of nervous anticipation about joy and luck coming, which it will

Moon+Mice – Anxious emotions

Moon + Rider – Oncoming feelings

Moon + Clover = lucky feeling

Moon -bouquet – lovely emotions, happiness

Anxious feelings give way to those of luck, positivity and happiness


Mice -Clover – anticipation, jitters

Mice – Rider – worries

Mice – bouquet – lovely worries

A sense of nervous excitement, jitters


Clover-Horseman = Luck arrives

Clover – Bouquet – Gift, prize, great luck

Luck and happiness is coming


Rider – Bouquet – Pleasant delivery; gift

A pleasant gift coming


Now, I’d like a bit more detail about the luck

What is the luck  or good fortune concerning? What sort of luck? What arena of my life is it in?

So I reshuffle the cards and do a 9-card reading. I get the following cards:




Letter bear ring

Dog clover moon

Mice horseman bouquet

An overall picture of the reading:


Money/power – friend/help-arrival-emotion

Friendly boss/financial help – help coming- upcoming emotions

About the issue (the “luck” in the first reading):


Financial news, payment, written contract

So it looks as if it has something to do good fortune with money and involves a payment of some sort

Answer to the question – What is the luck about? What arena of my life:


Lucky friendship, friend brings luck; emotional or creative good fortune; emotional/creative friend.

So it’s either in my creative life or my emotional life

Additional info


Worries over arrival; delivery; lovely arrival, gift

I’m worried about whether or not luck will happen



Friend’s news, worried friend; anxious or worrying letter or news

Concerned letter or news from an anxious friend




There is luck with money coming



Relationship, deal; emotion; blessing, happiness

Emotional or creative connection and happiness




I did have some luck with money after a worrying period. So I’m guessing it was probably that. I also “got creative” with something and realised how much my creativity is connected with luck. So…