Lenormand Card Meanings

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In order to learn Lenormand and unlock its secrets you first need a thorough understanding of all the cards’ meanings.

Brief meanings are listed below for quick reference – for more in-depth detail, card context, timings and the message the card brings, click on the cards or links.

    Rider Arrival, new situation or individual, approaching news

     Clover  Luck, opportunities, chance

     Ship  Journey, travel, transport, movement

      House  House, home, family, family name

     Tree    Health, healing, spirituality, growth

    Clouds   Confusion, uncertainty, lack of clarity

     Snake Betrayal, big problems, untrustworthiness

     Coffin  The end of something, death, ending, finality

    Bouquet  Loveliness, happiness, beauty, blessings, gifts

     Scythe  Cutting out, final decision, abrupt ending, surgery

    Whip    A hard time, abuse, hard work, physical activity, sex

    Birds   Conversation, talk, chatter, discussion

    Child   Child, youngster, beginner

     Fox     Work, employment, also untrustworthiness, theft

    Bear   Money, finances; power, strength, protection

    Stars  Fame, achievement, goals, a famous or admired person

    Storks  The new, fresh start, new beginnings, starting again

     Dog   Friendship, friends, allies, soulmates, faithfulness

     Tower Buildings, corporations, official buildings, status

     Garden   Network, the marketplace, groups, social life

    Mountain Block, rigidity, stuckness, obstacle

    Crossroads  Options, choices, multiples, fork in the road

    Mice    Worries, anxiety, troubles, stress

    Heart   Love, passion, love life, caring

    Ring   Relationship, contract, payment

     Book     Education, books, knowledge, learning, secrets, study

    Letter Letter, news, message, document

    Man      Man, the questioner

    Woman  Woman, the questioner

     Lily  Age, older person, retirement, later life, maturity

     Sun   Success, happiness

    Moon  Emotions, creativity

    Key   Destiny, fate, significance, importance, karma

     Fish   Business, freelancing, independence

    Anchor  Stability, the long term, permanence

    Cross   Burden, worries, depression, religion, negativity


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