How To Read Lenormand Card Combinations – the #1 Secret!

Ah, the Lenormand Card Combinations. As you’ll know, most of the time with Lenormand readings, you aren’t just reading cards individually. You’re reading Lenormand card combinations – the cards in pairs – in order to tell a story. To complicate matters, however, each card combination can have multiple meanings. I know when I first started reading …

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Weekly Reading 9th December 2018

Coming up for me this week, apparently. Here are the five cards I pulled.      Birds-Tree-Scythe-Snake-Tower Talk – Health – Cut – Problem – Organisation Yikes! 🙁 Key card = SCYTHE = Cut, Reduction, Decision   Central Cards: Tree-Scythe  = Reduced health or growth Scythe-Snake = Problematic cut, problems cut, accident Mirroring: Birds-Tower = Official …

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New Cards!

So…much as I love them, I was getting a bit tired of my old cards – and how shamefully battered and wonky they are! – on the site. I’m not exactly flush right now, so although there are  loads of gorgeous decks to collect, I thought I’d save my pennies for the time being. Instead, …

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