About Lozzy’s Lenormand FAQ

What Is My Aim Here At Lozzy’s Lenormand?

The purpose of this site is to share as much information about the Lenormand cards and system as I can to help readers better understand and learn the cards, the many different approaches you can take and help develop your own practice in whichever way and for whichever purpose you choose.

Is Your Site Geared More To Beginners or More Advanced Readers?

The site is primarily geared to those who are starting to read Lenormand cards and is focused mainly on trying things out and practical use of the cards. However, readers more familiar with the cards may also find some of the articles and tips helpful.

What Is Your Experience?

I have been reading Lenormand cards for a good thirteen or so years now, a number of those professionally, and before that, I read Tarot cards for many years. I also have extensive experience as a teacher.

Do You Take A More Traditional Or Modern/”Intuitive” Approach to Lenormand?

My approach is based on my learnings about the Lenormand system over many years and from a wide range of sources and teachers, as well my own practice and experiences. Although I do base my readings strictly on the systems and meanings I’ve learned, when it comes to actual reading, intuition naturally also plays an enormous part in my readings. In terms of regional “school”, you’ll find my meanings tend more towards those shared by writers very loosely viewed as Modern French, rather than German. Take a look at the issue of different traditions and ‘schools’ here.

For my own practice, I tend to focus on the storytelling aspect of Lenormand as well as the underlying ‘essence’ meanings of the cards. I believe in experimentation and exploration, getting to know your cards and using them as a tool in whatever way is useful to you personally. As such, I do not treat Lenormand as if it is a sacred religion with very rigid ‘rules’ and  One True Way of reading the cards. There are methods that seem to work better than others for me and the purposes I use them for. That’s kind of it, really, and I would urge all my readers to try things out and find the ways that work best for them!

I should stress also that there is more than one approach to reading Lenormand cards. It’s a  fortune telling system that was devised from a 19th century German parlour game, likely based on older popular divination methods, that in turn was renamed after a famous French fortune teller.  It was then passed through various different countries, thereby incorporating various regional folk and cartomancy traditions and sometimes variations in meanings.

That means it’s hard to be absolute about what is the “right” or “perfect” way to read the cards or even “the definitive” meanings, although there are a surprising number of commonalities, considering these particular cards have been around since at least 1799 . That being the case, I am absolutely not a purist, and I suspect those who are looking for the definitive and scholarly or a quasi religious approach to the cards are likely to find themselves disappointed here.

Even the concept of “traditional” reading is somewhat problematic, given that the cards themselves appear to be a hybrid of different popular fortune telling systems, none of which were actually used by Mlle Lenormand herself. Most “traditional” readers base their understanding on the instructions commonly printed with the cards when they were rebranded as Le Petit Lenormand in the mid-19th century, the so-called Philippe Lenormand instructions (details here), which look only at the Grand Tableau, using a method known as Near and Far.

It’s worth pointing out that I do not believe that my way of reading is the only way or that I in any way claim to hold THE ‘definitive’ knowledge of the cards. I’m really not interested in setting myself up as some kind of guru, just in sharing my knowledge, understanding, practice and experiments so far. It continues to be journey and process of understanding for me also.

Do You Have Any Opinions On Other Lenormand Writers & Readers Or Their Approaches To The Cards?

I’m sometimes asked “What I think of so-and-so Lenormand writer or reader” and their approach to the cards, occasionally in a way that implies that I make a judgement on who is “right” and “wrong” in terms of method. In answer, I would say that I have learned so much from other Lenormand writers and readers in the past, all with different approaches (we are all individuals, after all, and use and adapt the cards in ways that work best for us) and am not remotely interested in criticising others’ take on the cards and work. There is some GREAT stuff about, and you can gain so much from reading around and trying things out for yourself, so I’d strongly urge you to do so and find what works for you. Nor do I involve myself in petty rivalries with other Lenormand websites.  Ethics, including business ethics, are important to me . There is room enough for all of us and you’ll doubtless find we all have something different to bring to the party. Lots of Lenormand professionals write books, run both online and face to face courses and so on (and anyone claiming that they’re ‘the only one’ or ‘definitive one’ is being dishonest. Rather, people have different strengths, backgrounds, experience and approaches to the cards and how they share that with others). In general, here you’ll find I write about what interests me, and prefer to take a respectful, curious and open approach with regard to other readers and the various methods and ‘schools’.

Can You Teach Me How To Predict What Is Going To Happen In My Life With Absolute Certainty?

No, I’m afraid not. Pure fortune-telling, although fun & interesting (and I do enjoy prediction), is not the only use of the cards, and is based on a particular philosophy and world view—that the future is set in stone by someone or something ‘out there’ and we are simply passive recipients of it. Yes, I know a lot of people believe that, and you’re not obliged to share my particular philosophy or view, but from personal experience and observation I don’t think it is healthy to get over reliant on predicting and trying to control your future. You should be using the cards as a tool; they shouldn’t be controlling your entire life and all your decisions, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think it could be a problem with card reading. I do however, believe in future possibilities and in the human capacity to create your own future. There are far too many negative real-life consequences of believing that we have no control over our lives whatsoever—but I do think we can access messages and influences in depth that can prove useful to us  by using tools like Lenormand cards.

For several different approaches you can take to using the cards, you might want check out the following:

7 Different Ways You Can Use Your Cards

What I can teach you, though, are the meanings and history of the cards, the games that used them, and different ways they’ve been used as well as some practical methods, layouts and approaches. How you then choose to use those in your own life is up to you. If you end becoming a famed seer and fortune teller to the stars, like Mlle Lenormand did with Napoleon, then good for you! Experiment, see what works, try out different approaches.

I Notice You Don’t Give Health Meanings For The Cards?

No, for ethical reasons. I feel very strongly that physical ailments and illnesses and particularly diagnoses should be dealt with by doctors, not card readers. Cards like the Tree and Coffin can indicate health issues and illness obviously, but for specifics I think it’s better to seek assistance from a medical professional.

What Services & Products Do You Offer?

I like to share as much  information as I can  help my readers for free on this site, so do take a look around!

You can find Lenormand Card Meaning lists, Combination lists and step by step Layouts. I also share regular tips and articles on various aspects of the cards. Check out my Lenormand Tips page to see if I’ve covered any issues you’re curious about.

I also publish workbooks, worksheets and guides on various Lenormand-related topics, both available here as downloadable ebooks and through platforms like Amazon. I can provide card interpretation reports, which are like personal readings for if you’re stuck on the cards you’ve drawn yourself. Also coming up soon will be online interactive self-learning courses for readers who want to go more deeply into things like Card Meanings and Layouts and want to go step by step at their own pace.

Check out the Shop to find out more!

I Have A Deck With Extra Cards. Could You Provide Me With Meanings And Combinations For These?

Several Lenormand decks are created with cards additional to the original 36. As these are usually specific to the particular decks, I am sadly unable to provide detailed meanings and combinations for every one of these, although I may provide combinations for the most common in the near future.

Do, however, take a look at my blog post Using Extra Cards In Decks: Yes or No for more on this topic.

Once you are familiar with the basics of Lenormand, it should also be possible for you to apply the same methods to any extra cards. That includes understanding the essence of card meanings and how to apply them, as well as making your own combination lists.

 I Have Drawn These Particular Cards. Can You Tell Me What They Mean?

There’s a huge amount of information provided completely FREE for you here on the blog to help you do just that! Check out the Card Meaning, Card Combination and Card Layout pages. If you’re still stuck and want an interpretation (for any more than three cards), you can order a detailed Card Interpretation Report from the Shop, which’ll interpret them for you in depth.

Could You Provide Us With A Book of Three-Card-Combination Meanings?

I’d love if that were possible, but I’m afraid not. While I totally understand why you might ask for this to help you with bigger readings, the truth is that this would be almost an impossible request to fulfil, and wouldn’t help you at all with your Lenormand learning. Even just with two-card combination lists, and even if there was only one possible meaning of each combination (which there aren’t! There are lots of possible meanings), you are talking a minimum of  1260 possible interpretations! For  three cards, at the very least, it’s over 30 times that! At minimum! Instead, it’s far, far better to learn to come up with your own combinations and interpretations, and particularly, to start practising with simple 3 card spreads. Use the information freely provided on this site to help you do this.

Can I Order A Personal Reading From You?

I now offer readings only in the form of Card Interpretation Reports, which are personal readings where you draw the cards yourself, so be aware that you will need your own set of cards. The main purpose of this site is to help you with your own readings, and many of my visitors have found it instructive and useful to see how a professional reader might interpret their cards.

Do You Offer Translations Of Languages Other Than English For Your Books, Reports And Services?

I’m delighted that I have so many international visitors here on my site, but unfortunately, no, translations of my products themselves (books, courses etc) are not currently possible to provide. If you do order a Card Interpretation report, however, do let me know and I can provide it for you in Word if that makes it easier to put through a translator your end. Just so you know, this blog gets translated automatically into different languages so all the information here is freely accessible to all, but please be aware, I’m an English speaker, with neither the skill or resources, financial or otherwise, to be able to provide non-English versions of any of the copyrighted books or courses I offer. Given those constraints, it is also very unlikely that I will be able to do so in future. Sorry!

How Do I Access My Courses And Downloads?

You need to register with your details to make any purchases, and this will create an account for you here on the site. All your purchases can then be found and accessed by logging in to your My Account area

Copyright Issues

Sadly, occasionally, an individual who’s signed up to my newsletter decides to share freebies I’ve sent them on other sites, usually to try to gain themselves ‘easy’ money from my work. Please note: I DO check regularly and I WILL get them removed –  so you’ve been warned. Please respect my copyright . When I say “Not for reproduction or distribution” I mean it.