UK News w/c 11th November

Well, it’s the 100 year anniversary of Armistice Day today. So here’s a pic to commemorate that: Meanwhile, here are this week’s cards for the UK. What’s Coming Up In UK News This Week?      Man-Scythe-Stars-Child-Lily Man-Cut or Decision-Star/Celeb-Child-Older Person KEY CARD =STARS= Celebrity/Ambitions Central Cards: Scythe-Stars = Celebrity hurt or downsized; famous person decision; …

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Weekly Reading 5th November 2018

Here are the cards I pulled out for my personal week this week: What Is Coming Up For Me This Week?      Coffin-Anchor-Sun-Letter-Man Ending/Death-Long-Term-Success-Written Document, News-Male, Man Key Card=SUN=Success Central Cards: Anchor-Sun = Successful stability/happy permanence Sun-Letter = Written success/Documented success/Notification of success Mirroring: Coffin-Man: Male death; man’s ending Anchor-Letter: Written commitment; Documented stability So …

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