Weekly Reading 5th November 2018

Here are the cards I pulled out for my personal week this week: What Is Coming Up For Me This Week?      Coffin-Anchor-Sun-Letter-Man Ending/Death-Long-Term-Success-Written Document, News-Male, Man Key Card=SUN=Success Central Cards: Anchor-Sun = Successful stability/happy permanence Sun-Letter = Written success/Documented success/Notification of success Mirroring: Coffin-Man: Male death; man’s ending Anchor-Letter: Written commitment; Documented stability So …

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Anchor Card Combinations

NEW!  Lenormand Card Combinations Quiz! The Lenormand Anchor card combinations and possible meanings: Anchor & Rider: Stability arrives; a sense of permanence Anchor & Clover: Certain good fortune; lasting luck Anchor & Ship: Long journey; harbour; moored Anchor & House: Domestic stability; permanent home; stable family Anchor & Tree: Long-term health; longevity; spiritual core Anchor …

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