Lenormand Love & Relationship Readings I

Lenormand Love & Romance Quiz!

Love and relationships – especially those around the future of a relationship or the likelihood of a relationship with someone you’ve met – are one of the most common question areas when you’re reading Lenormand cards.

Let’s take a look at some of the cards that come up again and again in relationship readings, and some of the differences between them.

 The Heart


As you might imagine, it’s all about The Love, this one. Warmth, passion, romance, your love life as a whole. The Heart tells us about core feelings deeply-held. In many relationship readings the Heart will be the key card at the centre of the reading.




The Ring


The Ring represents commitment, connection, something binding. A bond or agreement. In relationship terms, it is often indicative of a marriage or another committed long-term relationship. The Ring card combined with either the Man or Woman card indicates that the person in question is married or otherwise taken!




The Anchor


Long term, stability, longevity. The stability aspect is the key here. If you are looking for a relationship that will stand the test of time, it’s the Anchor card you want to see somewhere in the reading.





 The Moon


You will sometimes see the Moon coming up and being interpreted as romance or an affair. But this card is more about surface and changeable feelings and emotions and has less depth than the Heart, which is the core of the feeling. I personally tend not to use the Moon as much in relationship readings as indicative of a romance – I see it as being more about the romantic gestures, changing feelings and moods.




  The Birds



Again, you will sometimes see the Birds being interpreted as a couple or a romance, or a date. The key here is that the Birds is all about communication, a couple meeting. An inseparable pair. And love-birds of course.




 The Crossroads


The Crossroads indicate choices, multiples and options. In a relationship spread, this card often indicates  a lack of commitment, of someone keeping their options open. Perhaps someone with a few dating options, who is playing the field.





 The Mountain



Blocks, hang-ups, isolation – this is the energy of The Mountain card in terms of relationships. It often indicates singleness but in a less free or carefree way than, say, the Fish would. It has an air of stubborn-ness of something being fixed, a lack of flexibility. Closed-mindedness.




The Whip


Can indicate sex, although it’s a rigorous, intense kind of sexuality. This is sex that’s aligned with a person’s physical needs, physical manifestation, sex-as-sport, effort, even BDSM. Often, though, the Whip indicates arguments and disagreements and at its most serious, abuse and abusive behaviour and relationships. Coupled with a card like the Bouquet, though, I’d say it indicates sexual pleasure, and the Whip and Heart cards together often indicate an active sex life.



 The Scythe



Unsurprisingly, the Scythe usually indicates a relationship split or break-up, a divorce or separation. Two people torn apart, sometimes suddenly.




People Cards


The Man



Pretty obvious, this. If the Man is not representing the Querent and is in a heterosexual woman’s love reading, this is the man in, recently in, or soon to be in her life. The husband, the boyfriend, the lover, the crush, the love interest.



The Woman


Likewise for the Woman. If it’s not representing the Querent, it’s the woman he’s interested in. Wife, girlfriend, love interest, lover.





  The Dog

Ah, old faithful. The Dog can also represent a romantic partner, often a male one, and especially when the Man card is already in use. In a reading, the position of the Dog card can be revealing; its presence can indicate an existing lover or current partner. Highly useful if you want to know if someone really is single or not or if there is someone else on the scene. In gay relationships,  this card can often represent the second male partner. The Dog card itself is obviously associated with faithfulness and loyalty, long-term companionship, friendship and love.


  The Snake


The Snake is very often indicative of a cheat or a player. That said, the card also has a female energy and can be indicative of a temptress (especially if you like your Biblical connotations) or “the other woman“.  The card has a very sexual feel, and often represents female sexuality. In a lesbian relationship the Snake may represent the second female partner.





Next up, I’ll be looking at some ‘live’ Love and Relationship readings so we can see how these cards might work in practice.


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  2. This is so interesting, thank you for all the information. I’m a tarot reader and I often get asked about “what so and so feels about me/about the relationship” and I’m wondering if someone should ask me that in a Lenormand reading, is it possible to decipher?

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