UK News w/c 30th October

Well, three stories again to answer the question “What News is Coming Up In the UK This Week?”

As usual, one with no keycard, one with the Rider (for News) and another with the Letter (for Story).

Story A (no Keycard)



Obstacle – Luck – Contract/Deal – Officialdom – Ending

Key: RING = relationship, contract, deal

Central Cards:

Clover-Ring = contracted good fortune; contract luck; lucky deal

Ring-Tower = corporate, official or govt contract or deal


Mountain-Coffin = Ending block/stopped; obstacles end

Clover-Tower = Organisational or govt good fortune, official opportunity, casino

You mean we’re going to have luck for once with a deal? Well, knock me down with a very large feather…

5-Card Chain:

Mountain -Clover = Lucky delay; fortunate obstacle

Clover-Ring = Contract luck; relationship opportunity

Ring-Tower = Official relationship; government contract

Tower-Coffin = Downfall; end of a government; officialdom or organisation comes to an end

Initial thoughts:

This looks like another Brexit story and the UK”s back and forth with the EU- at the moment, it usually is.


I didn’t really see anything in the news in this particular week reflecting this reading.

However, only a couple of weeks later, we had Prime Minister Theresa May’s announcement of a draft Brexit deal which, as far as she is concerned, is the only possible option and a successful agreement which fulfils what she believes is both what the British people voted for and the good of the country. The fallout from this deal – with various Brexiteer cabinet members resigning, a possible challenge to her leadership, and of course, an impending vote in Parliament on the deal is still ongoing. Will this bring down her government? We will see.


Story B (Rider)



Public/Event – Stars/Celebrities/Bigwigs – News – Speech/Talk – Significant

Keycard = RIDER = News

Central Cards:

Stars-Rider = News star, big person or celebrity in the news

Rider-Birds = Gossip? Talk  or speech news


Garden-Key = Important event; significant publicity

Stars-Birds = Speaking star; communication expert

A celebrity makes an important speech at a big event?

5-Card Chain:

Garden-Stars = Star-studded event; bigwig gathering; star publicity

Stars-Rider = News of a star; upcoming celebrity

Rider-Birds = Speech news; communication news; gossip arrives

Birds-Key = Important speech; significant talks; key communication

Initial Thoughts:

Well, this could be anything really. Not sure of any major celeb events coming up, but we’ll see.



I’m not sure I would call PM Theresa May a “star communicator” exactly – but again, I think this reading refers to her long-awaited announcement to the nation and the press about a draft Brexit Deal


Story C – Letter (Story)



Choices/options/direction – Woman – Story – Man – Journey/Trip

Keycard: LETTER = Story

Central Cards:

Woman-Letter – “Story woman”; writer; journalist; woman in a story

Letter-Man – Man’s story, man in a story


Crossroad-Ship = Journey options; choice of direction; transport options

Woman-Man = Couple; woman and man

5-Card Chain:

Crossroad -Woman = Woman’s choices; woman’s direction

Woman-Letter = Story woman; writer; woman in the story

Letter-Man = Man’s story

Man-Ship = Foreign man; travelling man

A story primarily about a woman and a man and travel options.

Initial comments:

The only couple I know travelling abroad at the moment are Harry and the newly-pregnant Meghan. So it could be a story about them. Let’s see.



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