What’s Coming Up This Week? 8th January 2019

So here’s my first personal reading of the year.

What’s coming up for me this week?



Centre card = BOOK = learning, knowledge, book


Central Cards:

Heart-Book = Book passion, learning passion, secret love

Book-Garden = Open book; public learning/knowledge, group learning


Ring-Storks = New start commitment, beginning connection, relationship, contract

Heart-Garden = Shared love; collective passion; public/out-there love


5-Card Chain


Loving relationship/deal, passionate connection; Book or knowledge love, secret love; Public or shared knowledge or book: New crowd or network/fresh start in public


In More Detail

Ring-Heart = Loving relationship or connection

Ring-Book = Book, learning relationship

Ring-Garden = Public deal

Ring-Storks = New start relationship or connection

Heart- Book = Book or knowledge love, secret love

Heart-Garden = Public or shared love/passion

Heart-Storks = New start love

Book-Garden = Public Book, shared knowledge

Book-Storks = New start book, new knowledge or study

Garden-Storks = New start publicly, new network


Initial thoughts:

I’m really not sure about this, very little in it feels familiar to me, aside from something I’m working on. So let us see as the week goes on.


Just goes to show. I am so stupid. When something is staring you in the face and you just don’t see it. I’ve been working for ages on my book that’s about to go public. I’ve been setting something up to share it. I also learned something publicly via Facebook (book! social!)  this week about a shared passion.


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  1. ¡Qué inspiradores estos ejemplos! Participé de una masterclass de Lenormand, ¡estoy fascinada con él! pero aun no tengo ductilidad con su uso, me parece genial poder observar estas consultas personales tuyas, y estudiar el mecanismo y método de interpretación. Es lo que necesitaba para soltarme. ¡Gracias!

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