Weekly Reading 9th December 2018

Coming up for me this week, apparently.

Here are the five cards I pulled.



Talk – Health – Cut – Problem – Organisation

Yikes! 🙁

Key card = SCYTHE = Cut, Reduction, Decision


Central Cards:

Tree-Scythe  = Reduced health or growth

Scythe-Snake = Problematic cut, problems cut, accident


Birds-Tower = Official conversation/communication

Tree-Snake = Problem growth, problematic development,  problematic health; health problem

A decision or reduction of some kind to do with a health problem and an official conversation.

5-Card Spread:


Birds-Tree = Health or growth conversation

Tree-Scythe = Reduced health, reduced growth

Scythe-Snake = Problem reduction, difficult decision

Snake-Tower = Official problem


In More Detail:

Birds-Tree = Health or growth conversation

Birds-Scythe = Swift or decisive conversation

Birds-Snake = Difficult conversation, problem conversation

Birds-Tower = Official communication

Tree-Scythe = Reduced health, reduced growth

Tree-Snake = Problematic growth, problem health

Tree-Tower = Official health

Scythe-Snake = Problem reduction, difficult decision

Scythe-Tower = Official decision

Snake-Tower = Official problem


Urgh. Doesn’t sound good, does it? The only bit of positivity I can see is that the problem MIGHT be reduced or slashed (Scythe-Snake) – but that is only a positive reading of that particular combination; there are several negative.


Here’s the 9-Card Spread about the Problem itself:





So what can this tell us is going on here?

Surrounding the problem (SNAKE) we’ve got:

Storks-Scythe-Stars-Bouquet =

A decisive swift or shortened fresh start; ambitious decision, lovely ambition or achievement


OK, so, let’s see:

About this problem

Fox-Storks-Tree = Fresh start at work, healthy new beginning, health or spiritual work

The problem itself

Scythe-Snake- Bouquet = Bad decision, problem cut; positive resolution; positive decision

Additional information

Child-Stars-Lily = Ambitious or ‘star’ child or newbie; experienced or older person ambitions; older child or newbie


Fox-Scythe-Child: Job loss, cut job; newbie’s decision, new job


Storks-Snake-Stars: Problematic new start; challenging goals, overambition; ambitious new start


Tree-Bouquet-Lily = Blossoming health; late blooming; mature growth


Past to future

Fox-Snake-Lily = Problem job; experience or past problem; mature/experienced/past worker

Child-Snake-Tree = Difficult newbie; health problem; healthy newbie


Which all sounds rather more positive. It sounds like beginner’s problems which will resolve. I certainly hope so.



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