What’s Coming Up This Week? 4th March 2019

Alas, unlike last week, Spring is not springing at all. In fact, with Storm Freya making her appearance, it looks like it’s unsprung for a bit. Rainy and dull outside.

Still – no matter. It’ll soon be here. And meanwhile, for your delectation, are the five cards for my week upcoming.

Do click on each meaning individually if you’d like more detail on each of the cards.

What’s Coming Up for Me This Week?


Significance – Burden – Love, Passion – Writing – Business

Key Card = HEART = Love, Passion
Central Cards:

Cross- Heart = Passionate or Love Burdens, Love Obligations

Heart – Letter = Writing or Written Love or Passion

Obligations or burdens connected with writing or written love or passion

Mirrored Cards:

Key-Fish = Business Significance or fate

Cross-Letter = Written or Writing Burden

So around this central love or passion, there is a writing or written burden that has business significance.

Lets’s get more detail on this.

Five-Card Chain:


Key-Cross = Burdened, onerous or troubled significance or fate

Cross-Heart = Passion or loving burden or troubles

Heart-Letter =Written or writing love

Letter-Fish = Business writing or letter

The troubled fate or heavily-weighted importance of a loving, core or passionate obligation to do with written or writing passions and business writing.

In More Detail:

Key-Cross = Burdened or troubled significance

Key-Heart = Love or passion significance

Key-Letter = Writing significance

Key-Fish =  Business or independence significance

Something written to do with a passion or love has a weighty business or freelance significance.

Cross-Heart = Passion or loving burden or troubles

Cross-Letter = Writing burdens

Cross-Fish = Business or independence burdens

At core, this is around writing burdens and business obligations.

Heart-Letter =Written or writing love

Heart-Fish = Business or independent passion or love

Letter-Fish = Business writing or letter

Using my passion for writing for business writing.

So – something – documents or pieces of writing – has burden or obligations in terms of business or freelancing significance.

Initial Comments:

This feels very spot-on to me, and would most likely be about one of two or three major things I have going on at the moment. You’ll notice I’m not really mentioning my love life – and this is because I don’t think the “passion” in this case has anything to do with romance. I think it’s about my writing and writing passions.

Writing, the big love of my life, is featuring heavily in all my business and freelance projects at the moment, as well as, of course, the business of my own fiction-writing. And burdens? Well, I’m quite heavily obligated at the moment. Obviously, I have blogging and newsletters to do and am finishing off some non-fiction books. I’ve also recently been doing some freelance business transcription work, which is interesting but can be quite burdensome in terms of time and energy. I have a number of my own short stories that I am keen to get finished and out on submission. And I am about to start edits and a major rewrite of a draft of my novel, which has been hanging over me rather and I’ve been putting off.


To see the follow up, look at my next post.


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