What Kind Of Lenormand Reader Are You? Take The Quiz!

Now, despite this late 18th/early 19th century oracle card system being primarily known as a “fortune telling or divination system” people do in fact use their Lenormand cards in lots of different ways, even within that umbrella. And that being the case, you’ll find different information is likely to be useful to you.

Can you recognise yourself in any of these descriptions? Take this short quiz, pick ONE answer for each, and find out what sort of Lenormand reader YOU are!

1. You have or perform what you later consider to be a “Good” or even “amazing” reading. What is it that you liked BEST about it?

a) It was scarily accurate about what events would happen!

b) It gave me great insight or clarity into a problem.

c) It really opened my mind to possible solutions or angles I hadn’t previously considered.

d) It confirmed my belief that the Universe or Spirit is indeed ‘out there’ looking after me, which was a comfort.

e) The reader followed the method I like and clearly knows their stuff!


2. You have a problem or issue in your life. What kinds of questions do you ask the cards?

a) I tend to use the traditional method, so just let the cards in my layout tell me what they want rather than ask questions.

b) What are the factors or influences in this problem, or what do I need to know?

c) What is the universe or my guides telling me I should know at this time?

d) What will happen? Will it happen, yes or no?

e) What direction or actions should I or could I possibly take to resolve the issue?


3. How and when do you tend to use the cards the most?

a) When I’m having a problem or there’s a situation or person I want to dig more deeply into or find out more about

b) I read regularly eg at start of week/month/year to see what’s coming up for me during that period

c) When I’m comparing with other decks or oracles, or when analysing the right ways to read for others

d) When I’m trying to get ideas about what I might do about something

e) As part of a regular ritual I perform that keeps me in touch with my spiritual side.


4. What kind of information on Lenormand or other card reading excites you MOST when you find an article about it?

a) The history of Lenormand cards and methods

b) How to read for Lenormand timings or for REALLY accurate prediction

c) How to get personal advice from Lenormand or use for self development

d) How to use the cards to increase your intuition or become more psychic

e) How to uncover underlying or hidden clues or influences using the cards


5. You find different instructions or meanings for the Lenormand cards than the ones you’re used to. What’s your reaction?

a) You decide whether or not to use them based on whether they fit with your spiritual or philosophical beliefs

b) You try and check the credentials of each reader and whether or not they follow or know the ‘correct’ systems

c) You think, “Oh interesting,” and try them out to compare them with what you’ve been doing

d) You panic: what if they’ve told you the incorrect thing about what’s going to happen?

e) You shrug. You might try them out if they look useful, but you’re happy with how you do things as it seems to work for your needs, thanks.


6. Which are your favourite layouts & methods?

a) I mix and match whatever’s useful to me personally at the time, and have even developed my own versions

b) Any more exploratory layouts which get in depth or helps me investigate more

c) Anything which mainly focuses on future events and what’s going to happen

d) The Grand Tableau with Philippe Lenormand near/far instructions, because it’s the only true reading method

e) I use a mixture but am careful to bless and respect my cards and always ask my guides for help and protection


7. What annoys you most in Lenormand readings or with Lenormand readers?

a) When readers don’t respect the cards or the spiritual tradition behind them

b) When readers clearly don’t know the correct card meanings or methods

c) When they are too light or just events-based and don’t go into any depth or resonate

d) When they “fix” the future , are too rigid and don’t seem to be empowering me to create my own future at all

e) Not getting clear yes or no answers about whether something will or won’t happen


Give yourself points for the answers to each question (there’s no “better” or “worse” answers, just different ones), total them up, and then take a look below for what it tells you about what kind of reader you are!

Question 1: a) 5 points  b)  4 points  c) 3 points d) 2 points  e) 1 point

Question 2: a) 1 point  b)  4 points  c) 2 points d) 5 points  e) 3 points

Question 3: a) 4 points  b)  5 points  c) 1 point d) 3 points  e) 2 points

Question 4: a) 1 point  b)  5 points  c) 3 points d) 2 points  e) 4 points

Question 5: a) 2 points  b) 1 point  c) 4 points d) 5 points  e) 3 points

Question 6: a) 3 points  b) 4 points  c) 5 points d) 1 point  e) 2 points

Question 7: a) 2 points  b) 1 points  c) 4 points d) 3 points  e) 5 points


What Kind Of Lenormand Reader Are You?

Check the below and also some posts you may find here that you might find useful or pertinent to you & how you like to use the cards.

29-38 You’re Most Likely A Keen FORTUNE TELLER

You mainly just want to know exactly what the future holds for you! You’re likely to have a strong belief that life is predestined, and thoroughly enjoy predictive readings—the more accurate the better! You may enjoy predicting outcomes for other people also, or even world events! It can be great fun as long as you don’t forget that you’re in charge of your own life and not to get TOO dependent on cards to make decisions for you!

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Grand Tableau Resources: a TON of resources on the classic “fortune telling” layout!


22-28 You’re Most Likely An EXPLORER-DETECTIVE:

Your main aim with the cards is to dig more deeply into problems or other curious situations, to explore, and to use them to answer any personal questions you might have, usually about your own life. You LOVE when they show little “clues” or give you insights that resonate, or when you can dig deep into a situation to uncover what’s hidden or what others may not yet realise or know. You like getting to the bottom of things, and musing over what the cards tell you, and probably use a variety of methods of reading. You tend not to go for just fortune telling reads as you sometimes find them a little superficial, or you mix them with deeper ones, but you do tend to take what they say seriously, and will also check to see how accurate they were in the long run.

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15-21 You’re Most Likely a SELF-HELPER

You tend to use cards in a more practical way, for advice and guidance, or to use them as tools or creative prompts for your own personal development or to spark off ideas. So while you tend to be philosophical, perhaps artistic, you prefer to use cards practically and in an active manner, and adapt them to your personal development needs and to help empower yourself, than to rely on them for fortune telling. You prefer to create your own destiny, and will tend to use cards in ways that you feel help you, rather than have them dictating to or ruling you. Generally uncomfortable with traditional religions or rules and regulations or set ways of doing things, you’re likely to mix and match reading styles and layouts, perhaps taking some from other systems to see if they can be useful tools in your own personal development armoury.

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8-14 You’re Most Likely a MYSTIC/PHILOSOPHER

Your main focus is to use Lenormand cards as part of a wider personal or spiritual belief system, and it’s important that your reading practice and any rituals follows that with regard to your spiritual beliefs. The spiritual side of your life is very important to you. You are likely to have a wide interest in esoterica and other systems, and are personally interested in things like honing and developing your own psychic skills, and the connections between different aspects of the universal. You are likely to be respectful of your cards or your tradition, and feel that they are part of a wider spiritual communication or system, perhaps the spiritual world, elders, or other dimensions communicating to you through cards.

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0-7. You’re Most Likely A Traditionalist/ Scholar

Your main focus is to become an expert on Lenormand or other card reading systems, and it’s important to you both that you’re following the “correct” methods, and that readers get things “right” in terms of meanings or systems. You’re likely to have read a great many books on the subject, and may consider yourself more “in the know” than most, or be intellectually curious about linking Lenormand with other ancient esoteric systems. You could well be a member of several Lenormand forums and study groups, or an afficianado of one or other particular “gurus”. You may also be considering teaching or reading Lenormand for others professionally, although you don’t have to be a traditionalist to do so. But what is most important to you is that you get it right and you get to know everything there is to know. You prefer to learn from expert or “the best” teachers and it concerns you when you feel the the true meanings of the cards or methods are being diluted or shoddy information is being spread.

Although I am not a traditionalist or purist myself, and Lozzy’s Lenormand is not intended as a scholarly blog, I do also enjoy checking out different or “traditional” ways of reading the decks and the various schools of thought. You may therefore find these posts helpful.

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Want To Learn More About Lenormand?

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6 thoughts on “What Kind Of Lenormand Reader Are You? Take The Quiz!”

  1. Roger Bergeron

    Personally, I have a strong aversion to the structure of “layouts”.
    They obviously are perfect for typical readers.
    Some Thoughts I have on the topic that I am sensitive to let the cards speak, without me having insistence on the scope or realm their messages wish to reveal,
    I’ve thought about separately using a feng shui layout to help the cards indicate a realm of focus, maybe using a deck of blank cards with one or more cards that have a simple marking on it/them.
    Maybe not even revealing the indicated focus area until after a laying of lenormand cards is done.
    (To be honest, I seem to have resistance to this feng shui technique as well)

    For extra opportunity for lenormand to speak, I always mix two identical decks together, along with any extra cards that the purchased decks come with. I think these can serve as ‘wildcards’.
    When substituting decks with regular playing cards, I will include all joker cards, and for me, they seem to communicate that I have significant position to influence a situation.
    Just my personal thoughts. Haven’t really revealed them to others untill now.

  2. I found it to be spot on for me, even though I think it could have been borderline (end of one type and beginning of another). Thank you for creating this little quiz! Enjoyed.

  3. I found this blog post to be really interesting and informative. It’s fascinating to learn about the different ways that people use their Lenormand cards, beyond just fortune telling or divination. I think it’s important to recognize that there is no one “right” way to use these cards, and that different approaches will be more useful for different people.

    As for the quiz, I would say that the thing I like best about a “good” reading is option b) it gives me great insight or clarity into a problem. I think that’s really the ultimate goal of any kind of spiritual or intuitive practice – to help us gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us. Of course, accuracy is also important, but I think it’s more about the quality of the insights than whether or not the reading lines up perfectly with what ends up happening.

    I’m curious to hear what other people’s answers to this quiz would be – what do you find most valuable in a Lenorm

  4. Scored 33 points! It was a fun quiz. 😆

    However, I’d like to add futher about what I find annoying in lenormand readings, (other than the lack of accuracy in regards to yes/no or timings) is – there’s always a room for confusions!
    For e.g., I keep getting the ‘choices’ card (crossroad in traditional lenormand). It means the card is pointing out that I have choices in regards to my situation but I DON’T really have any choices?! What is it that I am not getting? 😫

    1. If you keep getting the Crossroads, it is telling you that you do actually have choices, but you’re not looking at them or are not open to them. If you’re very tied to trying to get exact dates and timings, then it suggests you believe the future is fixed and you have little control over it, and the cards are telling you otherwise. Why not do a more “open” reading, say a 9 card spread, using the Crossroads in the middle as your keycard, and ask the cards “What possible paths haven’t I yet seen?” or perhaps “What options should I be considering at this time?” We do always have choices in life, we just can’t always see them. You are trying to lock the cards down to a fixed future but they are telling you to open up to possibilities that you yourself create.

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