Weekly Reading 24th December 2018

Well, nearly Christmas – Christmas Eve in fact – so this is one of my last personal readings for the year.

(I still haven’t got to the bottom of last week’s UK news one – it’s Brexit Brexit all the way though, obviously. Will it ever be over and done with?)

Anyway, about to go off to family’s for a few days for the holidays, but here’s are the 5 cards I pulled for myself this morning to answer the question of what will be coming up for me this week.




Conversation-Maturity/Elder-Hard Time-Success-Loveliness

Key card: WHIP = Tough time/hard work

Eek :(. A family. argument perhaps? My dad has been a bit of a pain recently and quite argumentative. Also we are going up to the family’s for Christmas, and there’s usually an argument or two, especially between my dad and his brother, although it’s mostly good-natured. They love each other but are at opposite ends of the political spectrum and my dad can be infuriating in an argument. Mind you, I’ve been working very hard recently as well, so it could be either.

Central Cards

Lily-Whip = Hard work & experience; abusive elder

Whip-Sun = Successful hard work; success after difficulty


Birds-Bouquet = Lovely conversation; pleasant chat

Lily-Sun = Successful experience or maturity; happy elder

It doesn’t look like anything really negative though – all seems to work out very positively in the end.

5-Card Chain

Birds-Lily = Old conversation; older person debate; mature discussion

Lily-Whip = Harsh older person; tough experience

Whip-Sun = Win; hard work brings success

Sun-Bouquet = Happiness and joy; celebration

There certainly seems to be a hint of victory of some sort in this reading. Perhaps it is success after hard work – perhaps I win an argument! (Or my uncle does.) Either way, it doesn’t seem negative at all and has a generally good-natured feel to it.

More Detail

Birds-Lily = Old conversation; older person debate

Birds-Whip = Harsh conversation; argument

Birds-Sun = Successful debate; happy conversation

Birds-Bouquet = Pleasant conversation

Lily-Whip = Harsh older person; hard work experience

Lily-Sun = Successful experience; successful older person

Lily-Bouquet = Lovely experience; pleasant older person

Whip-Sun = Win; hard work brings success

Whip-Bouquet = Lovely challenge; hard work or exercise brings gifts

Sun-Bouquet = Happiness and joy; celebration


So here’s to a wonderful Christmas! Eat, drink and be merry, and enjoy the holidays, all.