UK 2019 – Grand Tableau Reading


Now that we’re in 2019, it’s time for some “year as a whole” readings. And what better way to do that than with a Grand Tableau?

Since I’ve been talking a lot about UK news in the last few months, and since we have a significant year upcoming in the UK with Brexit due to happen on 29th March, I wanted to do a 2019 reading for the UK.

In this reading, I have used the House as significator – in other words, representing the domestic. The country as a whole, the concept of the UK, the ‘family’ UK.

However, I’m also interested in the Garden card. One, because it represents the public – as in the general public – but also because it represents the land. (Or our green and pleasant land, as William Blake would have it.)

Not only that, but I think the Man and Woman cards are highly significant in this reading, and I am assuming they represent public figures.

I’m also assuming that the Scythe in this reading probably represents Brexit. (And no, I’m not a fan. But I’ll try to be neutral in the reading and see what the cards are telling me.)

As is always the case with the Grand Tableau, there’s a lot to unpack here, and a lot of information, so I will be focusing on those five cards in particular, although I will try and get as much as I can out of the whole reading and the positions of the rest of the cards.


Grand Tableau for the UK 2019






Stars     Cross    Heart   Rider               Birds    Lily        Man                 Fox                  Key

Bear      Clover  Book    Bouquet          Whip    Garden  Crossroads     Woman          Ring

Anchor Coffin   Scythe Mountain        Fish     Child      Dog                  Ship                 Snake

Tower   Letter   Tree     House            Clouds Mice      Moon               Sun                  Storks


A Summary of the Year’s Picture for the UK:

Stars-Cross-Heart-Rider: Arrival of passion and troubled or burdened ambitions

Events mostly out of the UK’s control now, but a lot to come.

Stars-Storks: Fresh start hopes and ambitions

Tower-Key: Significant government or governance

  • The UK (House) appears in House position 31 –Sun –  Success
  • The UK public (Garden) in House position 15 – Bear –  Finances/Economy
  • Brexit (Scythe) is in House position  21-  Mountain – Blocks/Delays
  • The Woman card appears in House position 17 – Storks – Fresh Start
  • The Man card appears in House position 7 – Snake – Betrayal & Problems.


UK Domestically (House)


Tree –House-Clouds

  • Blocked cut; independence block; business or independence cut (Brexit)
  • The health and wellbeing of the country is uncertain
  • Recently, there’s been either health cuts or a reduction in the life-force of the country
  • Now, the country is blocked, stalled, delayed
  • In the immediate future, independence and business remains uncertain

More details

  • Rider + Bouquet + Mountain= Delayed or blocked delivery of gifts, the promised blessings
  • Tower+ Letter + Tree = a background of a written/documented government (New referendum? Election? Laws? Article 50?)
  • Stars-Clover-Scythe-House = Country’s exit luck, hopes and ambitions
  • House-Fish-Garden-Man = Independent country; public freedom/business; man in public
  • Clouds + Mice + Moon + Sun + Storks = Upcoming is anxious uncertainty; emotional worries; successful emotions; new start success

The card is being mirrored by both Positivity (Bouquet) and Anxiety (Mice) as well as Past Experience and History (Lily). Knighting it are Endings (Coffin), Youth/Naivety (Child), Knowledge/Secrets (Book) and Hardship (the Whip).

The British Public (Garden)





Lily-Whip-Child-Crossroads = Tough past experience (austerity?);beginning hardship (??); choice of new paths or just fresh divisions emerging

  • A man’s former speech or communication
  • Choice of public hardship/ unrest
  • Supportive or friendly new independence or business
  • Recently, independence and business tough times and talks
  • Now a new public wisdom and experience
  • Alliance or supportive choice between two men
  • Supportive/loyal public discussion (talk of patriotism??)
  • Independent/business public man

The UK has a background of  being relatively financially fortunate as well as powerful, a hidden or knowledgeable good fortune, a pleasing knowledge or history. We’ve a culture of being positive in the face of hardship (Bouquet-Whip). Coming up though is a decision, a woman’s decision and a commitment or relationship with or via her.

The public has experience and history (Lily) but are worried about the new and possibly untested. The public card is being mirrored by positivity (Bouquet) and youth/naivety (Child) and reflected by blocks and delays (Mountain). It’s being knighted by an arrival or delivery (Rider) and blocks/delays (Mountain), work/workers/ survivors (Fox) and travel (Ship), so possibly immigration, and also by uncertainty and confusion (Clouds) as well as emotions (Moon.) I think this suggests a certain public blindness or lack of clarity driven by emotion.

Brexit (Scythe)




Overall: Book-Coffin-Tree-Mountain = Ending hidden; health ending; blocked health/growth

  • Hidden, expert or secret luck/opportunity; pleasant knowledge or secret
  • Brexit ending; blocked or delayed Brexit
  • Health or growth document/report; UK’s health
  • Recently, ending luck/opportunity; documented ending
  • Currently, healthy Brexit knowledge or secret
  • In the future, UK’s block or delay of positivity or gifts/blessings
  • UK’s Brexit luck or opportunity
  • Brexit document/vote, positive Brexit

The background to Brexit is a permanent or fixed ending. Ahead is a blocked independence, an inexperienced or naive (or just new) independence and an overseas ally who I don’t think can be trusted (Dog-Ship-Snake) OR it just means a betrayal of our overseas allies. The Brexit decision is being driven by hidden love or passion with a desire for health and growth.

As well as appearing in House 21 – Blocks and Delays, this card is being mirrored by Secrets/Knowledge (Book) and Allies/Loyalty (Dog). It’s being knighted by Burdens (Cross) and an Arrival  or Delivery (Rider), as well as Government/Officialdom (Tower) and Finance (Bear) , Hardship (Whip) and Uncertainty (Clouds).


The Man/Men

Whoever he is, he is quite in control of things.

And be warned. He is in position 7 – Snake. Whoever he is, he is dodgy and a betrayer of some kind.

Lily         Man           Fox

Garden Crossroads Woman

  • Surviving, working or sneaky man of old (or two men). It also could be Liam Fox, the former Brexit secretary?
  • A woman’s options with the public
  • Recently, a public elder, public experience or wisdom, a group of older people
  • Now, it could be more than one man we’re talking about; a choice of two men
  • In the future, a woman’s job or survival.

A bit more detail about this man or men:

Behind him is a background of long-term/old ambition; talks burden; arrival of passion, warmth or love. Burdened ambitions; passionate burden; arrival of passion; talks arrival; past talks

  • Crossroads-Dog-Moon = emotional friendship choices
  • House-Fish-Garden = Public business/independence for the UK
  • Woman-Snake = Betrays woman OR the betrayal by a woman
  • He is going to be a key player (Fox-Key) or the issue of work is going to be significant.

As well as being in the Betrayal (Snake) position, the Man card is being mirrored by emotions (Moon) and passion, love, or warmth (Heart) so I’m guessing he may be charismatic and evokes strong and perhaps adoring feelings.  He is also being reflected by health and vitality (Tree) and could be a guru figure. This card is being knighted by hardship/abuse (Whip) and commitment, relationship or deal (Ring), as well as children, youth, inexperience (Child) and overseas or travel (Ship).

We really need to watch out for this person, I’d say.


The Woman

Also reasonably in control of things, with a lot behind her. I’d imagine this is probably Theresa May, the PM but not necessarily. It could even be the Queen!

She is in position 17 – New Beginnings

Man             Fox         Key

Crossroads Woman Ring

Dog              Ship.     Snake

Overall: a choice of job, worker or survival, journey direction, agreement journey/overseas

  • A significant man –“fox man” – male worker/employee, cunning man, key player (or a man called Fox!)
  • Her choice of direction; committed woman; commited choice (election?), relationships
  • Overseas or journey ally; betrayal abroad; betraying ally
  • Poss two men in the past, ‘a chosen man’, friendly man, friendly choice
  • Currently she’s in a job, surviving, travelling woman, travelling for work
  • But in the future, a significant agreement is betrayed

Behind her is lucky money; knowledge/education luck; lovely education; tough blessing; public abuse; choice of public (election). Work/survival. In her control is a successful journey (sailing off into the sunset?) and ahead of her is a deal or agreement but also this betrayal, seemingly by the man.

She is being mirrored by luck/good fortune (Clover) and overseas or travel (Ship). Her card is being reflected by an ending or death (Coffin), and knighted by both experience (Lily) and youth (Child), as well as  emotions (Moon) and new beginnings (Storks).


All The Cards  – Horizontals
  • Burdened ambition; passionate burden; upcoming passion; communication, speech, talks upcoming; elder/senior talks; male senior; employed or sneaky (or Fox) man; significant employee
  • Lucky finances; hidden luck; nice secret; something energising (?); public hardship; choosing public; woman’s options; committed woman
  • Finality, stability ends; bad decisions; delayed cut (blocked exit?); business or independence delay; ‘young’ independence or business; loyal/supportive beginner; overseas or trading ally; betrayed trade or journey
  • Government documents/bills/vote; health-related document; UK’s health; confused/uncertain UK; anxious uncertainty/worrying lack of clarity; feelings of anxiety; successful feelings; new start success
Using Mirroring
  • Important ambitions; work burdens; male passion; elder arrival; talks
  • Agreed money; woman’s luck; choice of knowledge (many secrets); public blessing; hardship
  • Betrayed stability; travel or foreign ending; friendship cut; beginner’s block; independence or business
  • New start govt; successful document (vote?); emotional health; anxious country; uncertainty
All The Cards   – Verticals
  • Financial/Economic hopes and ambitions; stable economy; government stability
  • Lucky burden; ending luck/final chance?; documented ending
  • Knowledgeable or secret passion or love; Brexit/cut knowledge; healthy Brexit/cut
  • Pleasant visit or arrival; blocked pleasantries or blessing; UK block or delay
  • Tough talk/negotiations; independent or business hardship; uncertain business or independence
  • Public wisdom/experience/seniority; youth, young/new public; anxious youth or newbie
  • Choice of men; ally/ support/loyalty choice; emotive or emotional loyalty/support
  • Woman’s job/survival; travelling or foreign woman; successful journey/success overseas
  • Commitment, deal/agreement significance; betrayed deal or agreement; new start betrayal or problems.
  • Government ambitions; stable economy
  • Written/document troubles; ending opportunity
  • Healthy passion; cut knowledge
  • Country arrival/visit; Blocked blessing
  • Confused talks/communications; business or independence hardship
  • Anxious elders; young or new public
  • Emotional man; friendship options
  • Successful survivor/cunning (fox); foreign/travelling woman
  • New start significance; betrayed agreement


The Cards in Houses, with Mirroring, Reflected and Knighting Cards
  1. Rider Stars     Ambitions, hopes arrive.  Important (Key), Government (Tower),  New Beginning (Storks), Ending/death (Coffin), Learning. Secrets (Book): Upcoming ambitions, hopes, dreams goals. Significant ambition, government ambition, hopes of a new beginning. Hopes of an ending, knowledge or secret ambitions
  2. Clover Cross  Burdensome luck. Document, paper (Letter), Work, Hustle (Fox). Travel, Overseas (Ship). Stability (Anchor), Cut (Scythe), Positivity (Bouquet). Good fortune is weighed down, heavy responsibilities. Documented responsibilities, work or employment burden, burden of success, positive burden. Being weighed down long term, cutting of the burden, cutting of stability, unmooring.
  3. Ship  Heart     Love/Care overseas and travel .Health, Vitality (Tree), Man, Men (Man). Emotion (Moon).  Ending, Death (Coffin), Block, Delay (Mountain), Power, Money (Bear),  Hardship, Training, Sport (Whip). Overseas care and passion, movement passion. Man’s love. Growing passion (nationalism?). Emotional feelings. Strong, powerful passions. Dying love, blocked or delayed love. Blocked or delayed ending. Harsh or abusive love, filled with conflict.
  4. House Rider    Arrival domestically/visitor to the UK. Homecoming. Elder (Lily). Worries (Mice). Luck (Clover),  Social, Public, Gathering (Garden), Cut, Brexit (Scythe), Independence (Fish): Visitor, home or domestic news. Older man arrives. Anxious news or visit. Lucky or positive visit or news. Quick news, quick visit, passing through. Business news; business cuts. Public or world news, gathering.
  5. Tree Birds      Speech, discussion, communication health. Unclear uncertainty, obfuscation (Clouds) Learning, Education, Secret (Book), Choices, Directions (Crossroads), Blocked (Mountain),  Young People (Child): Vigorous debate & discussion. Unclear communication. Knowledge/information speeches, secret talks. Stalled talks. Subsidiary or member talks. Blocked or delayed beginning or subsidiary. Decision conversations, multiple talks.
  6. Clouds Lily     Older or experience uncertainty or confusion in elders or seniors. Anxiety (Mice), Arrival, Visit (Rider). Domestic, UK (House). Pleasant, Attractive, Beauty (Bouquet), Woman or Women (Woman), Loyalty, Friendship, Support (Dog): Elder uncertainty. Anxious older person (poss older man) house man. News. Pleasant or attractive older person. Business maturity, old friends. Friendly business. Woman’s age or experience, older women.
  7. Snake Man    Untrustworthy man. Emotion (Moon), Passion, Love, Care (Heart). Health, Vitality (Tree). Abuse, Hardship, Training (Whip), Agreement, Contract, Deal (Ring), Young People (Child), Journey, Overseas (Ship). An untrustworthy man. Emotional and heart-driven. Energetic. Abusive or competitive man. Immature person, overseas or travelling man, possibly who travelled overseas in youth. Married or committed man.
  8. Coffin Fox       Job loss, ending for someone. Success (Sun), Burden, Trouble (Cross) Document ( Letter) Public, Group (Garden), Allies, Friends, Loyalty (Dog), Betrayal (Snake): A job, employment or “fox” associated with an ending. This could be a person, too; someone who has survived successfully, is deceitful, and is carrying the weight of something. Could be a journalist. This is someone who is friendly in public, but is not to be trusted.
  9. Bouquet Key  Important blessings. Ambition, Celebs, Achievement (Stars), New Start (Storks). Government, Status (Tower), Choices, Options (Crossroads), Travel, Journey (Ship): Something significant and positive. A key new start, hopeful significance, governmental or official significance. A significant choice or path; movement is key
  10. Scythe Bear.    Financial cuts, austerity.  Long term, Permanent (Anchor), Deal, Agreement ( Ring). Betrayal (Snake). Passion, Care, Love (Heart), Cuts, Decision, Brexit (Scythe), Document, Bill (Letter).  Financial cuts or protectionist split. Agreed money, long term finances, betrayed finances. Written or documented power. Charity money; cut money; cut charity; austerity
  11. Whip Clover    Luck after hardship. Woman, (Woman), Ending, Death (Coffin). Journey, Progress (Ship). Government, Official (Tower), Health, Wellbeing, Vitality (Tree), Arrival (Rider), Block, Delay (Mountain):  Challenged or challenging fortune; ending of luck, a woman’s good fortune; journey luck. Healthy or energetic government or health organisation (NHS?), good fortune blocked, blocked arrival.
  12. Birds Book      Educational or Secret speech/talks. Cut, decision, Brexit (Scythe), Choices (Crossroads). Friends, Allies, Loyalty (Dog).  Ambitions, Hopes Celebs (Stars), Stability (Anchor), Documents (Letter), Domestic (House), Discussion, Speech, Talk (Birds), Freedom, Independence, Business (Fish): Communicated knowledge & information. Split knowledge, choice of or divisions knowledge, lots of information to choose from, supporters’ knowledge. Hopeful information, lasting information. Long term ambitions; Books, statute book. House documents (Parliamentary bill?). Communicated information; business & independence info. Business & freedom talk & speeches.
  13. Child Bouquet     Positive youth, subsidiary or new beginnings. Block, Stop (Mountain), Public, Social (Garden), Young People  (Child). Troubles (Cross), Death (Coffin), Health (Tree), Confusion, Mental Illness (Clouds), Maturity, Experience (Lily), Young People (Child): Childlike (or naïve) positivity & lightness. Blocked/delayed gift or reward, outward or public blessing. A feeling of a heavy past burden ending. Something coming to fruition, but unclear what that will look like. Naïve elders; new experiences, perhaps wanting to recreate positivity from younger days and earlier times.
  14. Fox Whip.     Tough employment.   Hard to survive. Abusive deceit. Independence, Business (Fish). Caring (Heart), Cut, Reduction (Scythe), Domestic, Family (House), Worries (Mice), Men, Male (Man), Support (Dog): Hard work, tough survival times, a challenging deceit. Hard-heartedness, harm and cruelty. Business struggles. Reduction in sense of caring. Domestic hardship and conflict borne of anxiety & worry. Domestic or UK worries; a shaken-up House (of Commons)
  15. Bear Garden Public money. Positivity, gift (Bouquet), Young People (Child), Block, Stop (Mountain). Arrival (Rider), Block (Mountain), Confusion( Clouds), Emotions (Moon), Work, survival (Fox), Travel, overseas (Ship): Protective, defensive public (“the will of the people”?); positive people, naïve people; the ‘blocked’ people, the arrival of obstacles. Emotional and confused, unclear public; emotional blindness and uncertainty. Working people and migrants; foreign workers, immigration
  16. Stars Crossroads  Choice of ambitions. Education, Learning (Book), Support, Allies (Dog). Cuts, Brexit (Scythe).  Talks, Speech (Birds), Freedom, Independence, Business (Fish), Worries (Mice), Success (Sun), Significant (Key), Betrayal (Snake): Hopeful & ambitious choices, options, more than one way or hope. Suggests choice between paths. Support and ally choices, knowledge and information choices. Split options, two paths, two sides. Talks options, business options, business discussion. Anxious path and success path; positive concerns. Betrayal & lies are significant & fated.
  17. Storks Woman   Woman’s new start. Luck (Clover), Journey (Ship). Ending (Coffin). Older Person (Lily), Younger Person (Child), Emotion (Moon), New Beginning (Storks: A woman or women and new beginnings. Progress and good fortune ends or an end for women. Younger women, older women. A new start emotionally
  18. Dog Ring  Alliances, deals, agreements.  Power, Money (Bear), Betrayal ( Snake). Stability (Anchor). Man, Ally, Loyalty (Dog), Success (Sun): An alliance, partnership or deal. Financial, power or protection deal, long term deal. Man’s agreement, ally’s agreement; male ally. Successful agreement. Deal betrayed
  19. Tower Anchor   Stable governance. Power, Money (Bear), Betrayal (Snake) Deal, Agreement. (Ring). Burden (Cross), Secret, Knowledge (Book), Health (Tree). Stability of the establishment. The status quo. Lasting agreement. Strength and stability betrayed. A long-term heavy burden. Lasting knowledge or secret, health growth and stability; health & growth knowledge.
  20. Garden Coffin    The party’s over.  Luck (Clover), Journey, Overseas (Ship). Woman. Ambition, Celeb (Stars), Love, Care (Heart), Loveliness, Gift (Bouquet), Domestic, UK (House). A public ending, a funeral or a group/marketplace (or political party?) ends. Luck ending; journey’s end, a work ending or that of someone deceitful. Hopes and dreams come to an end, passions & love end. Passionate or heartfelt dreams. Celebration at home or in the House.
  21. Mountain Scythe  Decision/separation blocks. Learning, Knowledge (Book), Journey, Overseas ( Ship). Choices (Crossroads). Money, Power (Bear), Government (Tower), Burden (Cross), Arrival (Rider), Hardship (Whip), Confusion (Clouds). Postponed split or break. Reduced knowledge; split with allies & friends. Division, split between two paths. The split is a weight hanging over people’s heads but it arrives. The arrival of a burden or responsibility. Lack of clarity over it, brutal break or actual violence; hardship hidden or unclear or underlying, obscured abuses.
  22. Crossroads Mountain   Blocked options or paths. Gift, Positivity (Bouquet), Young People (Child). Public, Celebration (Garden). Luck (Clover), Document (Letter), Love, Warmth, Passion (Heart), Talks, Communication, Speech (Birds), Public (Garden), Worries (Mice). Options or choices delayed or on hold. Delay of blessings and gifts, the subsidiary (Child) blocked; public or group blockage or delay. Lucky, positive document. Documents and luck blocked, as are both passion and talks. Passionate speeches and discussion. Public delay, anxious wait. A worried public.
  23. Mice Fish  Independence/business worries. Learning, Knowledge (Book), Health (Tree), Arrival, Visit (Rider), Older Person, Experience (Lily), Options (Crossroads), Emotion (Moon.): Worried businesses, anxiety over independence. Struggling or competing businesses, a struggle for freedom. Business health & growth; health knowledge. Upcoming & older businesses. Many businesses, creative or emotional business. Emotional choices.
  24. Heart Child    Child & youth care and passions.  Public (Garden), Block (Mountain). Gift, Pleasantry (Bouquet), Domestic, UK (House), Talks, Communication (Birds), Couple, Men and Women (Man, Woman), Success (Sun). Naivety, beginnings, heart over head; group “child” or subsidiary. Blocked beginning. Attractive, pleasant, young person or people. Domestic bliss or gift. Communicative young people; young men or man or immature man. Male talks or discussions. Young women . Successful young people; successful woman or women.
  25. Ring Dog Friendship & alliances.  Choices (Crossroads), Decision, Cut (Scythe). Knowledge, Learning (Book). Hardship (Whip), Confusion (Clouds), Older People, Past  (Lily), Work (Fox), Contract (Ring), New Start (Storks). Alliance, deal, promises to friends. Many or choice of friends or allies. Broken friendship, alliance cut. Knowledge, information support, or secret alliance. Unclear, murky and possibly punitive alliance. Obscured trouble or conflict. Old friend, sneaky or deceitful friend, deceitful individual or job from the past, or an older person. An agreement, new friendship or alliance. A new deal or agreement.
  26. Book Ship     Travel or trade knowledge. Ending (Coffin)  Woman (Woman). Luck (Clover), World/Public (Garden), Worries (Mice), Man or Men (Man), Importance (Key) A woman’s or womens’ journey or movement. Journey’s end or finished trading. A fortunate trip, lucky journey or positive trading. Annoying or undermining problems around travel, worldwide travel and trade. Worried public or world. An important man is key.
  27. Letter Snake Written lies; false or betraying/betrayed document or bill; fake news. Long term (Anchor), Deal or Promise (Ring), Money or Power (Bear), Choices (Crossroads), Emotions (Moon), Deceit (Fox). A written or documented betrayal and lies; fake news or untruthful papers. Long-standing falsehoods or a betrayal that’s long-lasting. Financial or protection lies. A betrayed deal, promise or agreement. Multiple lies; emotional betrayal. Liar, highly deceitful person.
  28. Man Tower  High-status man, Government minister. Ambition, Celeb, High-Flyer  (Stars), New Start (Storks). Significant (Key). Luck (Clover), Cut/Brexit (Scythe). Male establishment or male senior governmental figures. Ambitious or visionary government, significant government, establishment or organisation and a change of government. Fortunate, or possibly risk-taking or gambling establishment. Reduction in status OR (in this case) a ‘split’ or Brexit government
  29. Woman Letter  Female writer, woman associated with document. Burden (Cross), Success (Sun). Job, Survival (Fox). Power, Money (Bear), Knowledge, Book (Book), Blocked (Mountain). News or documents about or by women. Possibly bad news, negativity, burden or oppressive, or religious documents or bills. Successful document, news or bill. Work-related or deceptive news. Financial or protection document; book, information  or written knowledge, or a secret bill, which is blocked or delayed.
  30. Lily Tree       Healthy experience/senior, energetic older man. Love, Caring, Passion (Heart), Emotion (Moon). Man. Stable (Anchor), Luck (Clover), Pleasantness, Good Looks (Bouquet), Independence, Freedom, Business (Fish). Past influences mature & come to fruition, karma. Passions and emotional energy and vigour. Stable growth. Man’s or male energy, positive, fortunate and flourishing. A lucky gift. Business growth.
  31. Sun House   Domestic success.  Arrival, Visit (Rider), Worries (Mice). Experience, Elder (Lily). Ending, Death (Coffin), Knowledge, Secret (Book), Toughness, Training (Whip), Young Person, Newbie (Child). Positivity and success at home. Homecoming, but also worries and being undermined, eroded. Senior’s house, older people’s or experienced people’s home. Dying home, something ended; somewhere informative and knowledgeable but also challenged and conflicted. Difficult knowledge. Younger people’s home.
  32. Moon Clouds    Confused emotions.  Cut, Decision, Brexit (Scythe), Positivity (Bouquet), Public (Garden), Support, Loyalty (Dog). Clouded by emotions. Unclear communication. Confusion about split OR clarity. Blind positivity; dreamlike. Crowds; public uncertainty. Public positivity. Unclear who our friends are or who we’re allying with.
  33. Key Mice   Anxiety significant.  Confusion, Uncertainty (Clouds), Elder, Experience (Lily). Arrival, Visit (Rider). Block (Mountain), Hardship, Struggle (Whip), Choices (Crossroads), Travel, Trade, Overseas (Ship). Significant worries and fears. Experienced or older worries. Domestic worries, upcoming issues. Blocked or delayed fears; conflict worries, concern about different paths; conflicting or warring paths. Journey, travel, immigration or overseas trade worries.
  34. Fish Moon     Emotional freedom, business freedom, free enterprise.  Health (Tree), Man. Care, Love, Passion (Heart). Freedom, Independence, Business (Fish), Public (Garden), Woman, Betrayal (Snake). Feelings of independence, freedom; business emotions. Healthy, energetic feelings, buzz, karma, predictions. Heartfelt emotions. Men’s or man’s feelings. Business or liberation feelings. Collective feelings; women’s or woman’s feelings. Women’s groups; women as a whole. Betrayal or false feelings.
  35. Anchor Sun     Successful stability. Document (Letter), Work, Job (Fox). Burden (Cross).  Young People (Child), Options (Crossroads), Deal, Agreement (Ring). Lasting success. Survival or deceitful positivity & success. Documented or written-about success that’s burdened in some way; comes at a price. New beginnings or young people’s success or positivity. Multiple or choice of successes; deal or agreement success; deal or agreement options or pathways.
  36. Cross Storks       New beginning burdens. Government (Tower), Significant (Key). Ambitions, Celeb (Stars). Friend, Ally, Loyalty (Dog), Woman. New start that comes with a price; burdened or responsibilities. Change of government or the establishment; hopeful and significant new beginning. New friends and a new start for a woman or women.



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