Storks Card Combinations

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The Lenormand Storks card combinations and possible meanings:

Stork & Rider: A new beginning is coming; the arrival of someone new

Stork & Clover: Opportunity for a fresh start; lucky new beginning

Stork & Ship: The first leg of a trip; start of a new journey; travelling somewhere you’ve never been

Stork & House: House move; fresh start for the family

Stork & Tree: New lease of life; recovery; health improves

Stork & Clouds: Risky new start; taking things as they come; unfocused

Stork & Snake: Problematic beginning; trouble

Stork & Coffin: False start; cancellation; something that seemed promising ends

Stork & Bouquet: Happy fresh start; improvements; positive changes

Stork & Scythe: Unexpected or sudden change

Stork & Whip: Tough beginning; difficult change

Stork & Birds: News of change; talking about fresh start;

Stork & Child: Birth; pregnancy; beginner

Stork & Fox: Change of job; new start at work

Stork & Bear: Financial fresh start; powerful change

Stork & Stars: Rising star; hopeful new beginning; progress

Stork & Dog  : New friendship

Stork & Tower: Changes at the top; incoming government; new management

Stork & Garden: Group changes or begins; public change

Stork & Mountain: Start delayed; obstacles to change

Stork & Crossroad: New paths ahead; fresh options

Stork & Mice: Worrying changes; first day nerves

Stork & Heart: New romance; relationship fresh start

Stork & Ring: Honeymoon period; new contract; promise

Stork & Book: Learning something new; fresh lead; secret uncovered

Stork & Letter: News of change

Stork & Man: New start for a man; flexible man

Stork & Woman: New start for a woman; flexible woman

Stork & Lily: Later life changes; maturity

Stork & Sun: Successful new start; successful changes

Stork & Moon: Creative start; emotional new beginning; happiness

Stork & Key: Significant fresh start; important change; life-changing

Stork & Fish: Early-stage business; business change

Stork & Anchor: Stable beginning; long term progress

Stork & Cross: Difficult start; unpleasant change


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