Grand Tableau SHORT Interpretation Report


Drawn your OWN Grand Tableau reading, but don’t know how best to interpret the cards, if you’ve understood them right or if there’s something you’ve missed? I can put together a short (6-7pp) PDF reading for you, based on the cards you drew yourself – and tell you what the MAIN STORY is your cards are telling you! Check out the sample report below for what you can expect:

Sample Grand Tableau Interpretation SHORT REPORT

This reading will ONLY be focused on the current and most pertinent influences around you. As such, the reading itself will choose which life areas seem to be of most significance for you at the current time and coming up ahead.

*Please note, you MUST have your own set of Lenormand cards and draw your layout yourself in order to purchase this report. Thank you!*


In a short Grand Tableau card interpretation report, I will be looking at the story the cards you’ve picked are telling you about the MAIN influences in your life at the current time, the details of those, and what they are saying is likely to be coming up for you.

It is more a storytelling method of reading the cards than one of my full readings and focuses only on areas the cards say you should consider – so it won’t necessarily answer direct questions or look at areas you ask it to! I am essentially using the method detailed in this post here, if you would prefer to try reading the cards for yourself.

Is There A Simple Way To Read A Grand Tableau?

That said, many people find the information in a shorter version easier to take in than a full detailed reading where we look at every card and life area, and it comes with a simple, personalised, story summary at the end. It is also more like a traditional Lenormand reading as per the parlour game, although I use modern essence meanings in short reports and do not use the Near and Far method.

You can expect your report to be around 6-7pp, depending on how many cards are surrounding you in the spread, and exploring in depth the influences it throws up, and your report to be with you in around 48 hours. Check out the Sample Report below:

Sample Grand Tableau Interpretation SHORT REPORT


I offer two kinds of longer Grand Tableau reports, both available through the Shop.

My Key Areas Grand Tableau reports are around 10pp and will look at up to two areas of particular interest to you, as well as what is immediately surrounding your Querent card. Possible areas for exploration include Love, Career, Money, or Family & Friends, Problems To Look Out For

My full Grand Tableau reports (around 16pp and extremely detailed, looking at all 36 possible life areas) are available to order through the Shop. Detailed reports take time, so please allow 10 days for reports.

Please choose either the Key Areas Grand Tableau or the Full Grand Tableau from the drop down list.

Lozzy’s Card Interpretation Reports

  • First, read my Code of Ethics & Disclaimer and all the instructions below to ensure my readings are definitely what you are looking for, and that we are on the same page.
  • Place your order & payment in the usual way. You should receive an order confirmation via email.
  • Now, you’ll need to email me your Grand Tableau card layout (can be a picture or just let me know cards and positions) to I will match that up with your order details.
  • Details to include: A short Grand Tableau report will tell you the story the cards WANT to tell you about the influences they are showing, so is not really about specific questions and situations directed by you. For example, it may not show you anything about your love life even if that’s what you want to hear! That said, I like to make sure your reading will be as useful and relevant to you as possible so please include: your first name,  or any relevant details if necessary, Also, do let me know what you were hoping to get out of the reading when you performed it. It’s great if the reading can be a learning experience for you as a Lenormand reader as well as just a reading on its own.
  • Based on the details and layout you have given me, I will then send you a full and detailed report interpreting your cards, including images of the layouts you have given me.
  • Please allow a minimum of 48 hours for short Grand Tableau reports.


  • All readings are confidential and are for strictly over 18s only.
  • I will always be truthful about what a reading is showing; however, my aim is always to empower clients and that is the approach I take in my interpretations. I am a strong believer in free will and that we largely create our own futures, and I generally do not give specific timings as I do not find them especially useful.
  • I may work with you to reframe questions if I feel they will not give the most empowering or useful readings.
  • Please note, I do not do readings on health or medical issues (see disclaimer), nor on third parties if a reading would breach their free will.
  • Due to time constraints, all readings are over email only.
  • Disclaimer:  All Lozzy’s Lenormand readings should be considered to be for entertainment purposes only. All reading clients and users of this website are responsible for their own life choices and decisions. I am not qualified to give legal, medical, financial or other professional advice. If a user requires advice of this kind, they should seek a suitable licensed professional. Again, please note that this reading service is confidential and strictly for over-18s only.
  • I reserve the right to refuse and to refund readings if I feel they break my code of ethics.
  • For any further questions or issues, please email me direct at