Predict the News UK – w/c 10 Sept

Can the Lenormand cards predict this week’s news?

This week, I’ve decided not to go too overboard on exact predictions and interpretations but just to let the cards tell their own story – I think there’s more to learn that way and it will be instructive.

I’m using the same process as last week, with three readings and the 5-card layout. One, with  no keycard and the cards picked blind, one with the Horseman/Rider card to represent “News” and the last with the Letter card to represent “Story”.

So here we go. Bear in mind this is for UK news – answering my question around which news stories will be big in the UK this week.

Reading A (no keycard CHOSEN)



Keycard – HOME/HOUSE

So this is centred “at home”. My gut feeling about this is that it probably represents my country as a whole – the UK.

Taking each card individually:

Cut/decision; Confusion, uncertainty; House/home; Options, direction; Blocked, stalled.

Card Combinations:

House + Crossroads: Choice of homes

Clouds + House: Home confusion

(Confusion and uncertainty around options and direction for the country?)

Scythe +Clouds: Unclear outcome, uncertainty

Scythe + House: Home decision

(Unclear outcome and uncertainty around the country’s decision)

Crossroads + mountain: blocked options

House + Mountain: blocked home

(The options available to the country will be blocked; we will be blocked as a nation)

Scythe + mountain: Blocked, slow decisions

Clouds + crossroads: Multiple confusions; way unclear; indecision

(Overall, decisions will be stalled, the way forward isn’t clear and there are no decisions.)

Initial comment:

My feeling is that this is the continuing saga of Brexit, the UK’s split from the European Union, the date of which is looming fast and no firm plans yet made. Nobody in the country knows which way this is going. We have no idea what will happen or what it will look like; we are working blind.  We are now being told to prepare for a no-deal Brexit – which is territory unknown.


Given that the news has been of little else, I am fairly sure it is Brexit and our ongoing failure to make an exit deal that everyone agrees on.

Reading 2 (Keycard : Horseman/ Rider = NEWS)



Keycard = HORSEMAN/RIDER = News
Taking each card individually:

Public, group; Worker/deception; News; Significant; Conversation/communication

Card Combinations:

Horseman + Key: Significant or important news

Fox + Horseman: News work/journalism; news employee; fake news? Arrival of a new employee?

(A significant news story, possibly regarding journalism itself? Propaganda? Could even be Fox News, although that is not specifically a UK issue)

Garden + Fox: Public work; lying to the public; suspicious event; employee group

Garden + Horseman: Public announcement, widespread news

(Public announcement or global news perhaps?)

Key + Birds: Signifiant discussion or talks

Horseman + Birds: News of discussion or talks

(An announcement or news about an important discussion or conversation)

Garden + Birds – Public/group discussion or communication, social media Twitter?

Fox + Key: Important worker, significant deception

(Overall, something about public or widespread communication or an important employee)

Initial Comment:

Really not sure about this. Obviously, this could still relate to Trump and something about Twitter as that would be reported in the UK; that said, I’d expect someone as high-up as President to get the Star card – likewise if it was UK PM Theresa May. The Fox card makes it sound more like someone who is a lynchpin and a key player but not someone right at the top. It could be our friend Boris of course; he seems to have made something of a public reappearance in the last few days. Curiouser and curiouser, said Lozzy.


Just after I made this post, I checked the headlines. This from the BBC:

Brexiteers discuss Theresa May leadership challenge

Later in the week,  especially in the right-wing press, it seemed that several of the usual suspects were making appearances, adding to rumours of an impending leadership challenge. Jacob Rees-Mogg was pretty prominent, and now not only a reanimated Boris, but also the notable prominence in the papers this week of cabinet minister Michael Gove, who was a significant (and backstabby) player in the original Brexit shenanigans. Hmm. Could this be the Fox?

Meanwhile, another public figure, The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, called publicly for a second referendum. This is reported across the board  but here he is in the Guardian.

London mayor calls for 2nd referendum

I think either of these could fit (in Khan’s case, it would be a key public worker making a significant call for a public referendum (Garden + Birds) . Or even combined; Michael Gove today publicly criticised Khan’s declaration. But my suspicion immediately falls on the possible plot to oust the PM, mainly because of the hints of a “group discussion” (Garden + Birds) and the intimation the Fox has of a degree of sneakiness about it.

My only caveat would be that in an impending leadership challenge, I’d be expecting the leader themselves to appear: in this case, either the Woman, the Star, or the Bear.

Reading 3 (Keycard: Letter = Story/press/papers)



Keycard = LETTER = Story/papers
Taking each card individually, we have:

Older person; Trip, journey, transit; Story; Health; Child

Card Combinations:

Letter + Tree: health story

Ship + Letter: story overseas; story transit

(A health story from overseas, possibly? Another trans story?)

Lily + Ship – journey of someone older

Lily + Letter – news or story of someone older

(A news story about an older person’s journey?)

Tree + Child – childhood health; childhood illness; reunion

Letter + Child – child’s news, news of a birth

(Something about children in the story, and childhood health)

Lily + child – a child’s maturity, older child

Ship + tree – health trip

(Something about an older child, perhaps, and a journey to do with health)

Initial Comments

I have no idea about this; perhaps a foreign story? But what have children and health got to do with it?


Still not sure on this one. On the day after I drew the cards there was a story about Britain’s oldest women, and the changes she had seen throughout her lifetime since her childhood. But that was about all that fitted.

I am beginning now to see Nostradamus’s problem!