Oi! Tea-leaf! No more Mrs Nice-Lozzy :(

Lenormand Fox Card


tea leaf (plural tea leaves)

  • (usually used in the plural) A dried fragment of a leaf of the tea plant used in making the drink tea.
  • (Cockney rhyming slang) A thief.

Since I am a Londoner as well as a Brit, I think I can happily use the second as well as the first. And alas, I have found that someone (it’s a guy) has been stealing my stuff from this site. So the Fox is appropriate here, I think.

No, not someone who thinks “Huh, I’m really into this, & I do it too and can do better, so I’m gonna start up my own thing, my own Lenormand or fortune telling or card reading thing on my experiences, with my take and angle on it.” Everyone is free to do that, this is not secret patented knowledge. Knowledge & thoughts  are not copyrighted.  Actual words are, though. Books & worksheets are. Things that other people have created and made are. I shouldn’t have to say this, but all content on this website, as on others, is copyrighted.  I wrote it, and no, you may not lift it and share it as your own.   Of course, you will find that there are quite a few places around now, some who’ve been around ages, some newer, but all of whom have slightly different & personal takes on the Lenormand system, just as there are numerous tarot card readers, playing card readers, astrologers, Wiccans sharing spells and so on. And yes, people do learn from each other. I’ve learned from loads of different people over the years.  You are perfectly free to do the same; to explore and experiment and if you wish, to find your own unique ways of practicing or using and sharing knowledge if you want to, or sharing your own experiences in a way that you think is better or fun or works for you or whatever. However you see fit. Feel free.

This wasn’t like that though. For the love of god, don’t take MY actual stuff that I have MADE and try to sell it for yourself. To make money off MY actual work. This guy is not just doing his own take, or making his own version of things, or competing in his own way. He’s just TAKING my stuff. As is. Nicking it. The cheek of it.

Listen, mate. It’s a massively shitty thing to do and it’s stealing. Don’t do that. If you want to make your own stuff then YOU do the work involved. You will find that in the Lenormand world there are artists, there are those who focus on their card-reading services, there are long-time teachers and tutors, there are people who run courses and websites with their own unique take, there are authors, app-makers, YouTubers, there are people who just share their own personal readings, there are explorers, historians, investigators… People who are working or have worked really hard doing what they do, whether it’s for business or for pleasure. And yeah, of course, there’s some healthy competition involved too. But it’s their work, their time, their own take on things, and THEIR effort they’re putting in. Mine too.

And you? You know what you are? Just a big old tea-leaf. (see above) And a very lazy one. Not cool. If you want to do something, pal, don’t just steal mine or anybody else’s. Do the bloody work yourself.


Now, I think, I need a nice big cup of tea to calm me down

PS  Again, you’d think it should go without saying in this day and age, but should you be in any way unclear what that standard © copyright notice means on this or indeed any other website, you can find the copyright notice here.