Monthly Grand Tableau: What’s Coming Up For Me?

Now, have you ever considered using Lenormand’s most traditional spread, the Grand Tableau for timeframes shorter than a few months?
Grand Tableaus are, of course, GREAT for periods of three months, six months, a year.


But have you ever considered trying one at the start of every month? This is what I’m going to start doing here on the blog (along with other, regular readings and blog posts) and see how I did by the end!


Tips For Monthly Grand Tableaus
    • Keep it SIMPLE!
    • Dial down the meanings!
    • Focus only on the Querent and Key Areas of interest!


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My July 2022 Grand Tableau Reading

So, a bigger picture of my GT for July here.

The deck I’ve used this month is the Celtic Lenormand

Take a look. What’s coming up for me? See what you think, and then check the answers. I’ll be filling them in one by one during the week. You can click on the question to find MY interpretations of the answers. How close were you?

Update – How Did I Do?

How Did My Reading Pan Out Against Reality?

This month, I should be quite in control of events and looking to the future. I have ‘arrived’ in some way and will be getting things done, being more driven, and I’m likely to be focusing on business and enterprise. There’s also a connection between myself and a man or men in my life. I may particularly need to keep an eye on health and well-being in order to restore energies – both physical and spiritual and watch out for karma! Home and family life should be peaceful, and there could be developments on the home front that have taken a long time to blossom  particularly around gaining a positive standing and sense of establishment. There are generally good things happening in the organisational sense too, with experience and a sense of establishment with age, experience or over time bringing blessings to my home or domain.

I was indeed very organised this month, really going for ‘high level’ goals and achievements, and putting plans together to get there! With regard to men in my life, there were strong connections with two particular individuals, both ex-partners, one a current friend, one who I haven’t seen in years. I did indeed need to watch out for my health; nothing disastrous, but my energy levels were super low at times (partly due to the heat) and there were a few warning signs about things I need to take care of. No dramas at home, and not really sure there’s much to report re: what the bottom four cards say.

The cards immediately around me suggest that communications or the way I communicate is going to be an influence on me this month, and they should be positive or lucky in some way, as well as quite open and ‘innocent’ (or even childish)  in tone, although may be overly sharp or blunt also  They are likely to involve changes. There  may be discussions or comms about overseas, trade, movement or the transfer of power, strength or wealth,  and there are hints that whatever is said is likely to be shared with a wide audience.

There could well be the manifestation of changes or a new beginning, or changes to my reputation. Positive or beautiful things will be created, or gifts or rewards of some kind will be received and delivered, and it’s likely to have a sense of a journey or progress for a beginner or someone starting something anew. A man or men will have a bearing on this part of my life at the current time.

 I will be making changes in my life or that something is changing, but some change may be painful, or happen rapidly at best. There could be a sudden or painful change in reputation or to what has been created or manifested that could be related to an overseas partner or source of security and protection, or a fellow ‘traveller’something that I’ve dreamed up in the past or that’s been provided by a vocational activity. There certainly seems to be a change in communication between friends, allies or partners, which may involve a ‘junior’ or beginner’s progress being cut short.

There’ll also be changes or a new start in terms of long term health, growth and wellbeing, but you may have some bad luck on this front. Don’t take your physical strength for granted.

Friends, allies, any partners and support will be important this month, or I may be supporting others. I may also be making swift decisions or cuts.

There is something significant or a solution likely to come for me this month probably to do with ending communications or a communication channel in some way  There also could be news of a death, connected with a harsh, hardworking or argumentative young personand some problems with regard to knowledge or information, or an undiscovered issue.

I will be communicating, and so will someone younger, but in a more negative, perhaps immature way with regard to a hidden or undiscovered problem, or an issue with information. There may be a tough lesson in that  which will lead to an important ending.

A big focus on health and well-being is likely for me this month as well as both emotional fortitude and creating more physical strength and material security  My feelings and what I have created and manifested with regard to my physical strength and health are likely to be important.

Changes I am making  will be progressing nicely although I may experience delays or run into roadblocks that I’ll need to move past  in order to reach any rewards.

Something new for me arrives, which is likely to involve a new piece of information or knowledge, a reveal. This could possibly be about my health and wellbeing and my making commitments in this area, particularly to building up physical strength and robustness and making changes there. I need to be careful of injury or accidents though, especially when exercising, as something painful may arise, or my discipline and effort may be reduced suddenly. I may not be as disciplined as I might like and too vague, and it may result in procrastination or not knowing which way to go or what choices to make for what to begin next. Someone younger is on the move, and they’re likely to involve organisational matters and progress and business and cashflow and how I organise that in my own businesses and enterprises.


Want Me To Interpret YOUR Grand Tableau This Month?

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