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Lozzy’s Complete Guide To Lenormand Workbook Edition is now available in all three following formats from Amazon!

  • Kindle e-book $9.49
  • Paperback. $14.99
  • Hardcover $21.99

Want ALL the basics of Lenormand card reading  in one place?

In this highly practical illustrated reference guide & workbook, I guide the reader, step by step, through the fundamentals of the Lenormand system.

The Guide Includes:

  • Detailed Card Meaning & Card Combination Lists
  • Step by step guide to all main Lenormand layouts, from basic 3-cards to the Grand Tableau, along with example readings
  • Practical advice and tips on working with Lenormand day-to-day
  • Targeted exercises throughout, along with practice readings to test your skills and knowledge!


Prefer A Digital Version? No Problem!