Love In The Grand Tableau: Step 9—Answers

Lenormand Cards Grand Tableau With Houses
Step 9: Now summarise the reading, focusing on the MAIN questions the Querent asked you, or you wanted to know.

Although the Querent didn’t ask a direct question, remember what he specifically wanted to look at was:

Q: “Being recently divorced, I am hoping to find love again at some point. Is it the right time for me, and what clues and guidance, if any, do the cards give on this issue?”


I’d suggest that whoever he has his heart set on at the moment (his ex wife, perhaps?), those feelings are not going to last, or he needs to get over a breakup or feelings of resentment before the path will be clear for him to move on to new romances in a healthy way. He may also not be being honest with himself about where he’s at, as there are signs of resentment, hurt, and possibly wanting revenge. The cards do not suggest a new romance is in the offing for him at the present time; he is not ready, and needs to get over this current situation and the person it concerns first.  The signs are of a ‘test’ that he needs to pass through, and the pressure of it is overhanging any romantic concerns at this time. He should be getting some news soon that will help this along, and changes brought by talking, perhaps with other or younger people.

He should take heart though, from the signs the cards are giving that he will indeed be able to do so, and fairly soon. It’s likely that some knowledge will come to light which will change things for him and allow him to move on, or he will learn something important during this process. It may be a struggle and effort at times, but it looks as though he will get there in the end. The feelings he may have now for this person should dissipate in time, once he has come to terms with the fact that the relationship is truly over.