Looking For Love In A Grand Tableau? Step by Step Practice

Do you want to see what your Grand Tableau is saying, if anything about your love life? Is there romance in the stars for you, who’s that tall, dark, handsome stranger, will your ex ever leave you alone… or do other things seem to be taking priority at the moment, however much you might wish that not to be case?

Building on the previous post on Exploring Themes & Topics In Your Grand Tableau, where I talked about exploring different themes and questions if and when you want to, I wanted to take you through examples in actual readings. In this case, we’ll be looking at the theme of Love and Relationships for an imaginary client but you can apply it to your own readings too.

Do bear in mind, however, that the Grand Tableau will tell you what it wants to, and it may not always be what you want to hear! It also may not always be able to answer your love questions directly.

Practice Grand Tableau Reading for Love & Relationships

My imaginary client for this reading is a man. He is heterosexual and single after a recent divorce and hoping to find love again at some point. He doesn’t know if it’s the right time, but is open to whatever clues the cards may or may not suggest to him on this issue.

He pulls the cards below for his Grand Tableau.

  • I have placed the cards in the Houses for you so you can more easily see how the Houses may influence the cards and your interpretation.
  • I am going to ask you questions about the spread and what you see, taking you step by step through what you might explore, and then you can check your thoughts with what my interpretation says by clicking on the Check My Interpretation link beneath each question.
  • It is worth remembering that the Grand Tableau spread itself isn’t JUST about our Querent’s love life; it’s about ALL life areas, so you’ll only want to focus on certain cards if you ONLY want to explore love and any cards that seem to be related to his romantic situation.

Lenormand Cards Grand Tableau With Houses

Just some other pointers before we begin:

  • Remember, it helps to see the Grand Tableau spread as a kind of ‘point in time’ STORY of the life of a person, so it’s always worth taking a step back and looking at the spread in terms of that.
  • Even though we are going to focus our interpretation entirely on our querent’s love life, bear in mind that in real life, most of the things that happen to us in life don’t just cleanly fit into “Love” and “Career” and “Money” and “Family” boxes that are entirely separate. Often, influences from one area impact on others. Our job with a themed reading is to focus on the most important or relevant to our querent in terms of that theme.
  • If we already know something about our querent’s situation, it may make some things clearer for us. Here, we know that he is heterosexual and recently divorced, which is likely to prove relevant.
  • Some of the ‘love’ cards may have more significance to our Querent’s situation than others
  • As we are reading, we may find that some cards pique our interest more than others and we may feel they are necessary as part of the story of our querent’s love life. Those are worth exploring to add colour and detail to it.

Step By Step Tasks For Reading A Love & Relationships Grand Tableau

Step 1: Locate the Querent and his/her position in the spread

I would ALWAYS start with your Querent card, whether or not the cards around them are related to the desired topic or theme. This gives a picture of what is influencing him or her the most at this time and colours the whole reading.

Here, our Querent is a man. Locate him and note his position overall and what house he is currently standing in. Need a reminder about Lenormand Houses?

Lenormand Card Houses & How To Read Them

What does that suggest about him at the present time? Take a moment to consider this for yourself and then check my interpretation below.


Step 2: Locate Love-related cards and note whether they are close or far away from our Querent in the spread. Which appear to have the most influence and which less so?

For love and relationships, I would be looking of course for the Heart card, and also the Ring. I’d also keep an eye out for particular people who may represent partners, as well as potentially relationship-negative cards like the Snake, the Fox and the Scythe. Children, family and friends may also be relevant. Note which seem to be most relevant in my querent’s case.

For more on common LOVE cards and combinations, check out the posts below:

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Take a few minutes to consider this for yourself and then check my analysis below.



Step 3: Explore the cards immediately around the Querent. Are they positive, negative or Lenormand Cards Grand Tableau With Housesboth and what story do they tell you about the main influences surrounding him/her at the current time? 

What is going on around our Querent at the moment and are any of those things related to love? And if they’re not, what appears to be taking precedence at this time?

Try to make a ‘story’ of what’s going on in the Querent’s life from his or her surrounding cards. If love is a factor, what are the general influences? Discover the easiest ways to do this here:

Is There A Simple Way To Read A Grand Tableau?

Take some time to consider this for yourself and then check my analysis below.



Step 4: What do my Querent’s knighting, mirroring and reflecting cards indicate about his or her ‘story’?

You can gain extra snippets of information by looking at the cards that knight, mirror and reflect the Querent card. Can’t remember what knighting, mirroring and reflecting are?

Knighting, Mirroring & Reflection In The Grand Tableau

Take a look, see what you think, and then check my analysis below.




Scarabeo Lenormand Book CardStep 5: Look at the row, column and diagonal the Querent is standing in. What story do they tell and is any of it related to his love life, do you think?

The rows, columns and diagonals can give you more clues about your Querent’s story; where they’ve come from, where they’re going, what is influencing them, what they are influencing.

Read the cards in pairs, in a chain, from left to right, top to bottom.



Step 6: Check what card is falling in the House of the Man/Woman as appropriate

This, what’s passing through THEIR House, can also give you additional clues to what is influencing your Querent at this time.

If your Querent is a Man, it will be the card appearing in position 28; if a Woman, position 29.

Think of each of the 36 Houses as a stage for a play about that theme, and then the card within it as what’s playing on the stage at that time.



Step 7: Now let’s take a deeper look at the cards that are relevant to the Querent’s love life. Which are relevant in this case, do you think – and were there any other cards that jumped out at you as being worth exploring? What story do they tell?

Always focus on the cards that seem most relevant in the case of your Querent’s love life first.

For each, I’d look at the House the card appears in, examine the cards around it for the story, just as you did for the Querent, check what’s knighting, mirroring and reflecting it, and how it relates to the Querent. I’d also double check the relevant House for that influence also, to see what card appears there.

In this particular reading, I’d examine the following cards in more detail, as they appear to be impacting to my Querent’s love situation specifically:

  • The Heart
  • The Cross
  • The Dog
  • The Book
  • Also take a quick look at the Woman. She’s far away, but given the mirroring, there does seem to be a relevance


Step 8 (Optional): Use the ‘Chain of Houses’ method on cards that are relevant to the situation, to try and find the linked ‘story’ being told through the cards. You can begin with the Querent, but can also explore any areas that do not come up in that story chain.

This is a VERY cool method that I first found with Rana George, and it can trace the ‘line’ of a story through a Grand Tableau using the house positions and the cards within them.

In this reading, I chose to do two ‘storylines’: one starting with the Querent (which incorporated most cards) and the second starting with the Heart

Check out this method here:

Reading Lenormand Houses II; Finding Extra Clues



Scarabeo Lenormand Letter CardStep 9: Now summarise the reading, focusing on the MAIN questions the Querent asked you, or you wanted to know.

Although the Querent didn’t ask a direct question, remember what he specifically wanted to look at was:

Q: “Being recently divorced, I am hoping to find love again at some point. Is it the right time for me, and what clues and guidance, if any, do the cards give on this issue?”

How would you BRIEFLY summarise what you have discovered about his love life in this reading?


And that, my friends, is how to focus on the “love story” that’s in your Grand Tableau!




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How Many Themes or Key Areas Can I Choose?

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