Lenormand Love Readings: 5 More Readings To Try

In  the last post we looked at the most common Lenormand love meanings and the cards and combinations you might find in any spread about love.

You can test your knowledge in the Lenormand Love Readings Quiz here.

But what are some  more love readings you can try for yourself? What are some of the most common or useful love questions?

Things To Think About With Love Readings

First off, though, bear in mind love readings can be tricky because people are so often invested emotionally. Now, you can read for anything at all and ask the cards any question you want, but especially with love readings, it’s always worth, before you start, thinking about the following:

  • How open are you to hearing things you might not want to hear?
  • How invested are you in getting a particular answer?
  • How emotional are you feeling right now? Like, have you just gone through a break up?
  • If you got an answer you didn’t want to hear, how would you react?

Personally, I would avoid questions that indicate fixed thinking, feed infatuations or are otherwise disempowering, For example:

  • Will my ex ever come back to me? (What will you do if the answer is no? And if it’s yes, would it be healthy to sit and wait?)
  • When will my ex come back? (This assumes they will. Meanwhile, you could be moving on with your life…)
  • What can I do to make X love me? (You want to ‘make’ someone feel a way they possibly don’t? You want to be a doormat to their wants?)
  • When will we get together? (Assumes you definitely will)
  • How can I break X and Y up? (Ugh. Manipulative & controlly. Remember the law of karma…)

So always worth considering what you really want to get out of your reading deep down. Reassurance? Hope? Feeding an infatuation? Permission for yourself to move on?

The best readings are those that don’t give you simple answers but make you examine things a bit more deeply. Check out these two posts for more info on getting to the root of the readings and also on asking empowering questions of the cards:

How To Get To The Root Of A Lenormand Reading

10 Tips For Asking Empowering Lenormand Questions

5 Love Readings To Try

Q. 1 What Does X Think of Me?

This is a really common love question and can be useful, although, bear in mind it may not always be something you want to hear!

For this, you’ll need to use your own Querent card as the key card. Personally, I would use a 9-Card spread for this to get the most detail, but you can use a 3 or 5 card.

Here’s an example, using the Woman as the card. In this reading, SHE is asking what another person thinks of her. Check out How To Read a 9-Card spread, use the Card Combination lists if you have to, then see if your interpretation matches mine, below.

Lenormand Dog Card Lenormand House Card Lenormand Letter Card

Lenormand Anchor CardLenormand Woman CardLenormand Whip Card

Lenormand Mountain CardLenormand Clouds CardLenormand Heart Card

Remember, the key here is that the interpretation should focus on this being HIS perception of our querent, not what may be going on for her.


My Interpretation

Q. 2 Will I Ever Find True Love?

Again, another really common question for love, and you can choose any layout for this. I’ve decided to go for a five card layout this time, which gives a good overview and a good amount of detail but doesn’t get too bogged down.

You’ll see I’ve done this reading blind (ie without a key card at the centre to focus it) and let the cards fall as they will. Personally, I find this usually gives a much fuller answer to the question, but you can use a keycard (the Heart for love in the centre) if you wish; it just might not give you the most interesting answer.

Make sure you know how to do a 5-Card reading, have a go at interpreting it, and then see how well your interpretation matches mine.

Lenormand Key CardLenormand Child CardLenormand Garden CardLenormand Anchor CardLenormand Clover Card

Don’t forget, although this was asked as a yes/no question, the answer is likely to be a lot fuller than that!

Here’s my interpretation


Q. 3 Could X Be A Good Prospect For Me?

Again, another really common question and another one I think can benefit from a reading as detailed as a 9 card to really dig down deep into the person concerned.

Lenormand Moon CardLenormand Letter CardLenormand Key Card

Lenormand Bear CardLenormand Man CardLenormand Rider Card

Lenormand Birds CardLenormand Cross CardLenormand Sun Card

Here’s my interpretation

Q. 4 What Is Likely To Happen Between Myself and X?

Now here’s an interesting thing you can look at. It doesn’t have to be a reading on its own as such, although you can do it like this, as I have done, below. But you can also take a look at how the cards are falling in a big spread like the Grand Tableau to get an idea of this.

Basically, you find your querent card and that of your would-be love, and you read the cards that fall between you in a chain, like a story. And if you’re not reading it as part of a bigger layout, obviously, you can use any number of cards for this

Here’s an example, using 7 cards in the same row. Read the cards in pairs along from left to right. What story does this tell? Also mirror the cards, the Man and the Woman, the Ship and the Stork etc to see if they give you any additional information.

Lenormand Man CardLenormand Ship CardLenormand Bouquet Card Lenormand Sun CardLenormand Dog CardLenormand Storks CardLenormand Woman Card

My interpretation

Q. 5 A Love Compatibility Reading

Although I mainly tend to stick to traditional 3 card, 5-card, 9-card and Grand Tableau readings for Lenormand,  it is perfectly possible to construct and tailor your own specific love layouts in much the same way as you would with Tarot. (I’ll be doing a post about creating your own layouts to get the most out of Lenormand at a later date!)

Personally, I prefer to make use of the Lenormand card combination techniques and use pairs instead of single cards, as I find they tell a better, deeper story that way.  So this is a useful love compatibility reading I’ve adapted from other systems. It uses quite a lot of cards, but I find this way, it gives a pretty thorough picture of the prospects or compatibility between yourself and a loved one or would-be loved one. You’ll see it has a column for yourself and your perspective, one for your partner or love interest and their perspective, and then one in the middle about the two of you together: the relationship or prospective relationship between you.

In terms of shuffling, use whatever you feel comfortable with. Personally, I prefer to shuffle then pull the cards out randomly for this layout.


   YOU                          RELATIONSHIP               PARTNER


             How you see yourself       Main Strength     How they see themselves


    How you see them           Main Weakness          How they see you


     How you see                    Where it’s                  How they see

  the relationship                   heading                  the relationship


Here’s an example layout (and yes, the Man and Woman cards really did jump out into those positions naturally. Spooky!)

   YOU                          RELATIONSHIP               PARTNER

Lenormand Woman Card Lenormand Tree Card           Lenormand Cross Card Lenormand Fish Card        Lenormand Man Card Lenormand Ship Card

             How you see yourself       Main Strength     How they see themselves

Lenormand Snake Card Lenormand Birds Card         Lenormand Coffin Card Lenormand Lily Card        Lenormand Moon Card Lenormand Ring Card

    How you see them           Main Weakness          How they see you

Lenormand Bear Card Lenormand Child Card        Lenormand Stars Card Lenormand Dog Card        Lenormand Clouds Card Lenormand Whip Card

     How you see                    Where it’s                  How they see

  the relationship                   heading                  the relationship

Lenormand Sun Card Lenormand Key Card Lenormand Clover Card


My interpretation

How did you do? Were your interpretations similar to mine?


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