Lenormand, Grand Tableaus & World Events

With the death of HMQ Elizabeth II, it’s been a sad or at the very least a Very Big Change week for the UK (and Commonwealth countries) in terms of our national psyche, whether we be monarchists or republicans or somewhere inbetween. I suspect a lot of people thought or rather hoped that “It” would never happen, but these things are sadly inevitable, I’m afraid. Nothing so constant in life as change.

 I have been asked about this topic previously so now, at a time when our TV channels are wall-to-wall Queen/Charles/funeral preparations/bizarre medieval ceremonies, it seems a good time as any to take another look. Can you use Lenormand to predict or explore ‘big picture’ world events?

And to that I’d say, “Sure.” I mean, obviously, the intent of the Lenormand deck originally was entirely personal and about personal destinies, hence the male and female querents. But there’s no reason why you can’t play with it to explore ‘world events’ or national events. You just have to dial up the meanings a bit and apply those core essence meanings to the wider world. So, for instance, the House could become a country or refer to domestic matters, the Man and Woman, key players, the Garden, the more global sphere or public. Whips can indicate wars, the Tower, governments and institutions, Birds, speeches and negotiations, the Mice, poverty and losses and so on.

I did in fact do a “UK Grand Tableau” way back in 2019, and was pretty pleased with the results. You can take a look here, as well as how well it did actually ‘predict’ what was going to happen (this was when the key issue here was Brexit).

UK 2019 Grand Tableau Reading

How Did I Do?

So it’s long past time for another one at this somewhat momentous-seeming time.   To give you some practice, take a look yourself, then follow the steps and try to analyse what it’s saying, then click on the links to see my analysis.

A UK Grand Tableau Sept 2022

On the Death of HMQ Elizabeth II

(Deck used: Rana George Lenormand), 

So where do we start? It’s not exactly like a normal GT reading because we’re not reading for a querent. Who – or what – should be our focus, our starting point, in this case?

  • Well, we could start with the House, to represent the country (domestic, home)
  • We could start with one of the people, the Woman, for the Queen, or the Man perhaps, as it could represent the new King.  But then, it may not.
  • Or we could start with the Coffin to represent the death in question and just see what is happening around that.

Under the circumstances, I’m going to make the Coffin the starting point. It’s also in the centre of the spread. 

Steps Through The Reading

First, we are just going to look at the main issues surrounding the Coffin card, rather than every card in the spread, though you can explore those yourself later if you wish.  Take a look at the reading and follow the steps below for yourself, before checking my analysis at the end.

  • Have a think first about how in a ‘national’ context you might interpret the following cards: Tower, Garden, Bear, Ring, Storks, Child.
  • Now, take a look at the cards at the four corners of the reading, the first three cards, and the four cards at the bottom. What insight do they give you into the reading as a whole?
  • Now let’s look at the Coffin card in more detail and analyse the cards around it. Which House is the Coffin sitting in here and how would you interpret the two together? Which cards are around the Coffin, and what influences do they have? Which cards are knighting the Coffin? What is appearing in the rows, columns and diagonals it appears in? What story do all of these give you about this part of the reading?
  • Now take a look at what card is appearing in the House of Coffin. What additional information does this give about this aspect of the reading, and what do the cards around it tell you?
  • What about Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II (Woman card) herself? What about the Man (probably Charles)?
  • Remember, you can explore ANY card in the spread in this way to give you a clearer picture of areas that interest you. I’ll be adding to this reading with additional elements as the week goes on.

My Analysis Here – Now Including HMQ and Charles



How Does It Compare With A Kipper Grand Tableau For The Same Situation?

Those of you in interested in Kipper and the differences between the two may find this VERY interesting (I was rather gobsmacked, myself, particularly with the directness!) when i pulled the cards for the same situation.

Take a look at the spread for yourself and see what you think it’s telling you (and yes, it did fall naturally this way, with the Man and Coffin in the middle like this). Remember that the DIRECTION the characters face in is important – their future is in front of their face, their past behind their back.

(If you want to get ahead a little bit and are wondering about Kipper Houses, they are numbered from 1-36 like the Lenormand ones, but obviously use the Kipper cards instead. See diagram below)

So give it a go. What do you think this Kipper GT is saying?

(You can find the Kipper card meanings HERE)

Kipper “Houses”, for reference

Happy exploring! Click on the link below to see my analysis.

My Analysis