Want To REALLY Get To Grips With The Lenormand Card Meanings?

Are you:

Having trouble with Lenormand card meanings?

Confused when you’re told the same card can mean different things?

Unsure which card meaning is right or which should apply in your reading?

Relying on lists, looking up in books and guesswork?

Wouldn’t it be GREAT if you could:

“Get” the cards and instinctively know which meaning to use?

Read more freely, confidently and intuitively?

Build the core knowledge you’ll need help you read combinations and interpret complex readings confidently WITHOUT having to refer to books and online lists all the time?


My new foundational Learn Lenormand Card Meanings course should help you with this and more!

Course Screenshot

Interactive, self-directed e-learning with 27 video classes and brand new downloadable materials and quizzes as well as lots of opportunities to practice, you’ll learn:

  • Why a deeper understanding of each card’s fundamental meanings is at the heart of the whole Lenormand system
  • How modern meanings relate to the traditional way of reading the cards – and why you might see some regional variations and on which cards!
  • The secret of understanding the card meanings and why the same card can seem to have different meanings
  • How to read the meanings in different situations and feel confident that you’ve got the right answer.

You’ll also get PLENTY of practice in applying single card meanings to real-life questions!


Not Sure If It’s For You?

Try it out with my FREE taster course, which gives you a selection of 7 of the 27 lessons from the full course, the first downloadable worksheet – and one of the quizzes!



Who is the Course For?

Beginner-level Lenormand readers. Intermediate readers may find it helpful too!

What Do I Need Before I Start?

Your own Lenormand Deck

Paper & Pen

A Printer For Your Worksheets