How To Use Predictive Readings In Positive Ways

Well, it’s coming to that time of year where I usually take a deep breath and do my annual personal Grand Tableau for the year upcoming.

Now, I know not everyone’s a fan of predictive readings, but I also know that many of my readers are, especially around this time of year. Now’s the time where all those annual horoscopes are out, where we’re getting ready and clearing the decks for what isn’t just a new year, but a brand new decade.

So if you ARE planning to do or get a predictive “What’s coming up?” type of reading, what are some of the most useful ways you can use it or react to what it tells you?

See any predictions as influences and potential opportunities coming up that you might use, rather than something fixed or set in stone

Don’t forget that you always have choices. It’s easy to see a reading – any reading, and I don’t just mean Lenormand – and think either, “Hurrah! Fabulous! A great year coming up and I don’t have to do a thing,” or alternatively “Oh my god, it’s going to be doom and gloom,:” and a cloud sitting over everything before your year’s even started. Personally, I like to be more active in my life than that and not to let something external (like a reading) control that. Take control of your own life: nothing happens at all without action. I’ve found that if you do  like to do predictive readings, there are a few tricks you can use to frame that information and utilize it in ways that are as positive for you as possible

Don’t just wait for the things to happen- TAKE ACTION

Example prediction: “Things look positive for you financially”

Do: Think “Great!” (and enjoy the good feelz) “To help this influence along, I’m going to keep an eye out for financial opportunities, perhaps in ways I haven’t thought of before. I’ll put a little more positive focus on how I handle my finances. I’ll make sure I develop more of a prosperity mindset and look for abundance wherever I can. It’s win-win: then when anything ‘extra’ happens, I’ll be well placed to receive it.”

Don’t: Think “Great! I just have to sit back and wait for the win, because I know it’s gonna happen and I don’t have to lift a finger. I might go on a spending spree ahead of time, too!”

Use the POSITIVES & how you feel about them to inform & empower your dreams and take action towards them

Example prediction: “This is a year when career success is on the cards”

All those lovely bits of a reading that make you think “Yay!” Well, utilise them (especially the ones that make you REALLY go “yay”). What would you really like to see happen in those areas? How can you put yourself as much as possible on the path to them happening?

Do: Have a positive mindset and aim high. Do think, “I’ll look for opportunities, both in jobs and learning and believe in myself and your abilities.” Do think about what success means to you and most importantly, take action towards achieving it.

Don’t: Do the bare minimum and expect things to drop into your lap or to be handed a CEO position (say) by next Christmas just on your say-so

Use any negatives and how you feel about them to make necessary changes in your life

Example prediction: “Problems and conflicts with family members are indicated.”

Eek. Nobody wants to see problems. But problems are part of everyone’s life.

Do: Prepare for the worst, hope for the best. Consider what the problems may be and what you might do to a) avoid them or b) manage them better if and when they do happen. Explore and consider what this brings up for you about the areas involved

Don’t: Think problems are insurmountable, let yourself be overcome with worry, or refuse to leave the house. Problems are challenges. Problems can be solved.

If you are predicting for yourself, look back and see what you got right and what you didn’t

I’m going to talk about this in more detail in my next post, but it’s really useful for your Lenormand learning to look back on previous predictions and see what came up. Did everything happen? Did some things happen in a different way than expected? Do you see any particular cards in a different light or more clearly now that the time has passed? Looking back can give you huge amounts of information about how the cards work for you and what your strengths and weaknesses are as a reader, as well as give you clues on how to use them in future.

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