How to Read Lenormand People Cards

Sometimes we want to do a reading to find out more about a particular individual.  Whether it’s someone  you or someone you’re reading for has met, a mystery person who’s shown up in a reading – or even a celebrity you’d like to know more about out of curiosity!

As you’ll see if you check my recent post on Choosing Lenormand Layouts, the 9-Card Spread in particular, is great for when you want to dig for a bit more information on a person.

Lenormand Cards and Personal Characteristics

First of all, it’s worth being aware that each of the Lenormand Cards has an association with certain personal characteristics. Some readers do, but I very rarely use the cards for physical characteristics as I find most of the descriptions a bit rigid and Eurocentric. I do find the cards useful for relaying personality traits and motivations though.

You can find details on individual cards by checking out each of the Lenormand Card Meanings, but if you’d like a handy list of personality traits indicated by each of the 36 Lenormand cards, you can download one here:

Lenormand People Meanings Cheat-Sheet

So let’s take a look at a couple of example readings.

Lenormand People – Example Readings

Imagine we know NOTHING at all about the people we’re going to do these readings about, to avoid putting our own preconceptions onto them. It’s important to focus solely on what the cards seem to be telling us and to try to be as objective as possible to get the maximum amount of information we can; the Lenormand cards, after all, can give us a lot of nuance and detail if we know how to look.

As I say, this may be a mystery person who has turned up in a reading and who you want to get a clearer picture of; it may be someone well-known like a celebrity – but ideally you want to use this type of reading to really dig in a bit deeper into who they are and what exactly is going on with them.

For this kind of investigative reading, depending on the person you’re asking about, you use the Man or Woman card as the key card and the centre of the reading.

Person 1 Reading

What information do the cards give us about the person below?



First, to get an overall flavour of the reading and this person, we look at the diamond around the key card.

In this case: Rider-Ship-Fox-Letter.

Overall, the cards show someone who seems to be a traveller, a visitor, perhaps, from overseas (Rider-Ship) and it could be somebody who’s travelling as part of their job (Ship-Fox), or they could be a stowaway of some kind, given the Fox‘s reputation as a deceiver. There is some sort of document or message connected with their work (they could perhaps be a writer or journalist) OR a deception (Fox-Letter). The Letter-Rider combination heavily hints at some upcoming news.

Looking first at the horizontal cards, we get the following information:

About This Person/On His Mind: Moon-Rider-Key

This is someone who is bringing with them either a lot of emotion or creativity – and their arrival, visit or presence is significant in some way. Perhaps they are an important creative person.

Answer To The Question Of Who Is This Person:  Ship-Man-Letter

This looks like  a male traveller, a writer or author perhaps, or someone documented or written about.  His travels are also written about or documented.

Additional Information: Crossroads-Fox-Whip

It looks as though this man is at a crossroads of some kind with regard to making work or survival options and choices. It doesn’t look particularly easy given the Whip card  which is showing tough or hard-going work or survival and difficult choices.

Now, to look at the immediate past, present and future for this person through the vertical cards.

His Past: Moon-Ship-Crossroads

His past involves travelling or overseas creativity or perhaps very  up and down emotions; multiple or a choice of travel or journeys – this looks like someone who could go anywhere – and many or the pick of emotions, art or creative projects

His Present: Rider-Man-Fox

Currently, this man is visiting somewhere, there’s an arrival or news about him; he’s probably working although the Fox also indicates possible deception, and the visit or news is probably around work.

Future: Key-Letter-Whip

It looks like a hard time’s coming up for him and it’s something significant.. There’s some kind of document or story involved and it’s a biggie, as well as somewhat harsh.

His Past to His Future:

Moon-Man-Whip = Man’s emotions or creativity; harsh, abusive or battered man; tough or harsh emotions

Crossroads-Man-Key = Man’s choices or options; important man; significant choices


Person 2 Reading

What information do the cards give us about the person below?


So first, to look at the overall picture the cards are giving us, we look at the Sun-Coffin-Bear-Garden

This shows something successful coming to a close for this person or the end of a successful period (Sun-Coffin), and the Coffin-Bear implies a financial, powerful or protective ending. With the Bear-Garden cards,  her life seems to involve a public role of some with a degree of public power, or money and success in the world.

So if we look at the horizontals:

About This Person/On Her Mind:  Lily-Sun-Ship

This is someone who’s having happy and successful older years, perhaps involving overseas travel or success abroad or even moving overseas.

Answer To The Question of Who Is This Person: Coffin-Woman-Garden

This is a sociable and outgoing woman,  who is perhaps unwell, or who is in the process of removing herself from public life, or having a public finale or send-off of some kind.

Additional Information: Anchor-Bear-Tower

It looks as if this woman is somebody very, very, well-established with a powerful and lasting legacy; she is financially stable and an established and high-status heavyweight in some way.

Now, let’s take a look at the verticals for her past, present and future.

Her Past: Lily-Coffin-Anchor

Possibly the protracted death of an older man, or this could also mean illness related to old age and a lengthy old age.

Her Present:  Sun-Woman-Bear

This is a successful period for her; she is powerful and/or wealthy and protected, probably financially.

Her Future: Ship-Garden-Tower

It looks as though her publicly established high status and respect will extend worldwide

Her Past To Her Future

Lily-Woman-Tower = She has an established status well into her later years.

Anchor-Woman-Ship = It may be that she eventually settles overseas or has roots overseas.


As you can see, the 9-card spread can give you quite a bit of information, and using the spread to focus on a particular individual really can give you some pretty useful identifying details. It’s a great tool to have in your Lenormand armoury!

Oh – and btw, if you’re curious as to who these two readings were actually about?

Click here to find out!


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