Grand Tableau for Love: Step 2— Answers

Lenormand Cards Grand Tableau With Houses

Step 2: Locate Love-related cards and note whether they are close or far away from our Querent in the spread. Which appear to have the most influence and which less so?

For love and relationships, I would be looking of course for the Heart card, and also the Ring. I’d also keep an eye out for particular people who may represent partners, as well as potentially relationship-negative cards like the Snake, the Fox and the Scythe. Children, family and friends may also be relevant.

At a glance in this reading, we can see that the Heart card is next to our Querent diagonally and he is influencing it, the Dog card for friends, loyalty and companions is fairly close by, so those are likely to be the most relevant influences at this time with regard to any potential romances and his love life. He is also influenced by the House, suggesting that issues close to home and related to domestic and family life are where he’s at currently. He does have the Fox and the Snake quite nearby, which indicates problems, deceptions and betrayals.

The Ring card, for commitments, though, is quite far away, as is the Woman, so these are unlikely to be immediate influences for him at the current time.