Garden Card Combinations

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The Lenormand Garden card combinations and possible meanings:

Garden & Rider: Party invite; a more sociable period; visitors

Garden & Clover: Fortunate group; lucky event

Garden & Ship: Travel companions; tour party

Garden & House: House party; domestic gathering; large family

Garden & Tree: Karmic meeting; public health; spa

Garden & Clouds: Difficult crowd; problems in a group

Garden & Snake: Snake in the grass; betrayal in a group

Garden & Coffin: End of sociability; party cancellation; social shame

Garden & Bouquet: Lovely gathering; pleasant meeting; garden party

Garden & Scythe: Public decision or will; ostracism; sudden reclusiveness

Garden & Whip: An unforgiving public; argument; orgy; training group

Garden & Birds: Public speech; discussion group; social media

Garden & Child: Class; schoolfriends; playgroup; beginner’s group

Garden & Fox: Work colleagues and associates; network

Garden & Bear: Marketplace; prize draw

Garden & Stars: Gala; award ceremony; constellation; fans

Garden & Storks: A new crowd or network; public fresh start

Garden & Dog: Friendship group; supportive network

Garden & Tower: Organisations; public building; leadership

Garden & Mountain; Blocked sociability; cancellation of event

Garden & Crossroad: Public options; choice of social groups

Garden & Mice: Anxious public; worried associates

Garden & Heart: Dating pool; public romantic event

Garden & Ring: Membership; wedding

Garden & Book: College, school; hidden network; knowledge sharing

Garden & Letter: Announcement; public documents; invitation

Garden & Man: Sociable man; male group; men as a whole

Garden & Woman: Sociable woman; female group; women as a whole

Garden & Lily: Longstanding network; older group

Garden & Sun: Successful support network; public success

Garden & Moon: Audience for creative work; public; creative or support group

Garden & Key: Significant group or network; public success

Garden & Fish: Business associates; networking

Garden & Anchor: Stable associations

Garden & Cross: Therapy group; religious congregation or followers; graveyard


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