Cross Card Combinations

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The Lenormand Cross card combinations and possible meanings:

Cross & Rider: Onset of depression; difficult time ahead; religious revival

Cross & Clover: Problems resolve; troubles bring luck

Cross & Ship: Problems on a journey; troubled trip; overseas issues

Cross & House: Family troubles; domestic issues; problems with a house

Cross & Tree: Health problems; spiritual crisis

Cross & Clouds: Mental health issues; dementia; serious confusion

Cross & Snake: Serious difficulties; upset over betrayal; crisis

Cross & Coffin: Funeral; the end of troubles

Cross & Bouquet: Appearance-related problems; troubled appearance; light burdens

Cross & Scythe: Problems from an accident; difficulties with decision; problems swiftly resolve

Cross & Whip: Abuse; violence; too much pressure; sexual difficulties

Cross & Birds: Difficulty communicating; heavy conversations; verbal pressure

Cross & Child: Heavily pregnant; problems with children; troubled youngster

Cross & Fox: Work troubles; severe pressure at work; someone underhand causing problems

Cross & Bear: Financial difficulties; the burdens of power; heavy responsibility

Cross & Stars: The problems of fame; achievement brings difficulties

Cross & Storks: Difficult new start; fresh beginnings after hardship

Cross & Dog: Counselling, moral support; helping out in times of trouble

Cross & Tower: Problems with officials; religious burdens; religious guilt

Cross & Garden: Public pressure; shared troubles; support group

Cross & Mountain: Problems prevented; blocks causing difficulties; depression and isolation         

Cross & Crossroad: Multiple burdens; no easy choices

Cross & Mice: Serious stress, depression, anxiety; under pressure

Cross & Heart: Romantic troubles; relationship issues; difficult love life

Cross & Ring: Restrictive relationship; burdensome partnership;

Cross & Book: Hidden difficulties; learning difficulties; secret troubles; Bible

Cross & Letter: Upsetting news; religious writings

Cross & Man: Man’s troubles; stressed man

Cross & Woman: Woman’s troubles; stressed woman

Cross & Lily: The problems of old age; weighed down by experience

Cross & Sun: Success after a troubled time; eventual happiness

Cross & Moon: Emotionally troubled; creative difficulties

Cross & Key: Spiritual crisis; future troubles

Cross & Fish: Business troubles; cashflow issues

Cross & Anchor: Long term difficulties; depression


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