A Week Of Card Combinations – What Do They Mean?

Lenormand card combinations are sometimes treated with an odd sort of mythic reverence by those new to Lenormand. You might find yourself thinking, “Oh no, how could I possibly learn them all?”, you might be afraid to deviate from what you find on a card combinations list, be treating such lists as some kind of Bible – or be wondering why what you find on a list doesn’t fit your situation or question very well. You also might be hankering for combination lists for more than two cards.

If this is you, the following points bear repeating:

  • Card combinations are not actually that complicated. They just give a guide for reading more than one card together in what is a storytelling system as part of a fortune telling parlour game.
  • You don’t need to ‘learn them’ by heart (you couldn’t anyway), just get used to the technique of combining cards until it becomes instinctive.
  • The interpretations you find on lists are examples and guides only. They are not definitive, and shouldn’t be treated as a Bible.
  • It’s better to learn to combine cards yourself naturally so they fit your situation or question, rather than trying to shoehorn in a meaning from a list that doesn’t quite fit.

So this week, let’s take a look at, rather than single cards in answer to a question, two cards. What you would generally see as ‘card combinations’ when in a larger reading.

Remember, with card combinations:

  • The first card is often the main topic or theme in the pair (so usually a noun)
  • The second card influences and modifies it (so often an adjective)

Practice Readings

For each pair of cards, we’re just going to ask the simple question: What is coming up today?

And here, we are using the Blue Owl Lenormand deck. Click on the question below the cards for my suggestions as to the answer for each.

Day 1

What is coming up today?

Day 2

What is coming up today?

Day 3

What is coming up today?

Day 4

What is coming up today?

Day 5

What is coming up today?

How did you do?

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  1. Mery Di Meco

    Il sito è utilissimo e mi ha aiutato davvero tanto… Acquisterò a breve i libri, ma vorrei fare il corso… Purtroppo non conosco l’inglese così bene da farlo?

    1. Sorry, Mary. This website gets automatically translated into other languages, but all courses and books are available in English only, and will be for the foreseeable future as I explain in my Lozzy’s Lenormand FAQ. I do not have the resources for translations of my products at the current time. Best. Lozzy.

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