A Week Of 3-Card Readings: What Do They Mean?

If you’ve been on social media over the last week, you may have seen that I’ve been posting daily 3- card readings to help give my readers practice in interpreting the cards in answer to the basic question What Is Coming Up Today? (or variations thereof)

These readings are using the lovely pagan-themed Celtic Lenormand deck, so it’s nice, too, to give you a chance to see what this particular deck looks like! This is one of the decks that contains extra cards: here, I used the female version of Rider (Bardess) card, but just to let you know with this deck, although they’re not pictured below, there are also two Lady & Gentleman and Child cards , unusually, two Snake cards, two Tree cards, three Birds cards, and a Cat card.

I wrote about the use of additional cards in the post Using Extra Cards In Decks: Yes Or No?

The Readings: What Do They Mean?

How would you have interpreted these three card spreads in answer to the question of What Is Coming Up Today? 

Click on the questions below the spread to see what thoughts I had. I made them as simple and general as possible.

Day 1

Celtic Lenormand 3 Cards

What Is Coming Up Today?


Day 2

What Is Coming Up Today?


Day 3

What Is Coming Up Today?


Day 4

What Is Coming Up Today?


Day 5

What Is Coming Up Today?


Day 6

What Does Today Bring?


Day 7

What’s Going On Today?


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2 thoughts on “A Week Of 3-Card Readings: What Do They Mean?”

  1. I read the 3card draws you did. How’d I do? west15@hotmail.com
    day 1
    What Is Coming Up Today?
    The day will be moving fast.
    Watch for someone trying to capitalize on ur good day. Keep moving.

    day 2
    What Is Coming Up Today?
    Beware of a theft. You have a message
    coming. Keep it from others. There’s a
    theft around.

    day 3
    What Is Coming Up Today?
    A very healthy, bright, strong day ahead

    day 4
    What Is Coming Up Today?
    Slow trip to the meadow but with good luck. you’ll have very good luck at the meadow.

    day 5
    What Is Coming Up Today?
    Happy day ahead. With chatter of new

    day 6
    What Is Coming Up Today?
    Move to a new location. Take the path
    that draws you. Nice outcome.

    1. Hi David
      If you click on the links under each trio of cards, you will be able to see what my answers were. Lozzy.

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