A Simple Clock Reading For The New Year

Happy New Year! And here’s hoping that 2022 will finally bring better things than 2021 (or 2020 for that matter).

New Year is often a time where we look to draw cards to give us an overview of “What is coming up?” While the ideal spread for doing this in Lenormand is the classic Grand Tableau spread, you can also use the cards in ‘lighter’ layouts.

These wouldn’t be considered traditional Lenormand layouts by any means (so you could use any deck of oracle cards), but one layout that would be ideal to use for a “Year Ahead” spread would be the Clock layout (which is often used as an Astrological or Life Areas spread, but more on that in a second). In this, you simply shuffle, and then lay the cards out in 12 positions, like a clock, starting at one o’clock, and going all the way to twelve.

Lenormand-wise, it’s always best to have more than one card per position. This layout, if you use three cards for each, has the advantage of using all 36 cards. It also helps give you practice in reading 3 cards together AND often within a context or life area. You can either lay each clock position with three cards one after the other, or go round the clock three times until all the cards are used up. I do the latter, but it’s your choice – I’d always do what ‘feels’ right to you with these things.

So there are two adaptations of the clock spread I’m going to give you here. Exact same layout, but slightly different analysis

  • A Year Ahead Monthly Clock Spread
  • The Astrological Houses/”Life Areas” Clock Spread (which I’ve shown you before)


Year Ahead Monthly Clock Spread

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to note that 12 places on a clock can also represent 12 months of the year. Shuffle and lay the cards face down, starting at one o’clock for January and end at twelve o’clock for December, and round the clock twice more until all 36 cards have been used. Then turn the cards over and read them in threes. What is the theme of the month? And for an extra bonus, what advice would YOU give someone thinking about what those cards seem to be showing?

An example Year Ahead Monthly Clock Spread (looking a bit more like a diamond!) is below. How would you interpret what this querent is likely to see from month to month here? Take a look at each month’s cards, and then see how I interpreted them! How similar were your interpretations, and what suggestions might you make to this querent?

My Interpretation


                                                             Lenormand Letter CardLenormand Ship CardLenormand Stars Card


                                       Lenormand Fox CardLenormand Heart CardLenormand Child Card         Lenormand Birds CardLenormand Garden CardLenormand Clouds Card

                                                  Nov                              Jan

                  Lenormand Tower CardLenormand Bouquet CardLenormand Lily Card                                                            Lenormand Crossroad CardLenormand Mountain CardLenormand House Card

                            Oct                                                                                 Feb

 Lenormand Cross CardLenormand Sun CardLenormand Whip Card                                                                                           Lenormand Key CardLenormand Fish CardLenormand Tree Card

            Sept                                                                                                            March

                  Lenormand Bear CardLenormand Book CardLenormand Dog Card                                                      Lenormand Scythe CardLenormand Woman CardLenormand Clover Card

                            Aug                                                                           April

                                        Lenormand Mice CardLenormand Rider CardLenormand Moon Card          Lenormand Ring CardLenormand Snake CardLenormand Anchor Card

                                                  July                                  May

                                                             Lenormand Man CardLenormand Storks CardLenormand Coffin Card


Life Areas/”Astrological Clock” Spread

Alternatively, you could make it a less linear interpretation, and use the “clock” to explore 12 different life areas instead. A popular use of the clock spread is to explore life areas said to be related to each of the 13 astrological “Houses”.

As in the previous example, here you would shuffle and lay the cards face down, starting at one o’clock for the first House (Aries) and end at twelve o’clock for the last (Pisces), and round the clock twice more until all 36 cards have been used. Then turn the cards over and read them in threes. THIS time, you’d relate the story they were telling to the “context” or life area of that House, so as such, it’s great practice for combining three cards to read in relation to a question or life area. Here, it’s worth taking particular note, too, of which “House” the querent card falls into, as the one of key importance to them during this period.

An example Astrological/Life Areas Spread is below. How would you interpret what this querent is likely to see in each “House”? A key to the relevant life areas is below.


                                                             Lenormand Tree CardLenormand Heart CardLenormand Mice Card


                                      Lenormand Lily Card Lenormand Tower CardLenormand Fox Card                Lenormand Storks CardLenormand Cross CardLenormand Scythe Card

                                              Aquarius                           Aries 

              Lenormand Ring CardLenormand Woman CardLenormand Sun Card                                                            Lenormand Anchor CardLenormand Bear CardLenormand Coffin Card

                        Capricorn                                                                    Taurus 

 Lenormand Child CardLenormand Birds CardLenormand Stars Card                                                                                           Lenormand Clouds CardLenormand Mountain CardLenormand Dog Card

         Sagittarius                                                                                               Gemini 

                Lenormand Man CardLenormand Rider CardLenormand Fish Card                                                      Lenormand Bouquet CardLenormand Crossroad CardLenormand Book Card

                            Scorpio                                                        Cancer 

                                        Lenormand Whip CardLenormand Snake CardLenormand House Card           Lenormand Ship CardLenormand Key CardLenormand Letter Card

                                              Libra                              Leo  

                                                             Lenormand Clover CardLenormand Moon CardLenormand Garden Card


Astrological Houses and Life Areas:

Aries (Self)

Taurus (Property, Resources, Money)

Gemini (Communication, Knowledge, Creativity)

Cancer (Home, Family, Roots)

Leo (Pleasure, Risk, Love, Attention)

Virgo (Responsibility, Work

Libra  (Partnership, Marriage, Commitment)

Scorpio   (Death, Sex, Psychic Abilities) 

Sagittarius  (Freedom, Philosophy, Higher Learning)

 Capricorn (Status, Reputation, Authority) 

Aquarius (Social Life, Dreams, Purpose) 

Pisces (Intuition, Secrets, Subconscious, Mystical)

My Interpretation




Although I don’t do Clock readings as part of my Card Interpretation Service, if you’re interested in getting a reading from me, there’s plenty of options to choose from, from short 5 and 9 Card readings all the way up to Grand Tableaus—from quick n’ dirty in the traditional style, to more in depth, looking at every single card in detail!


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  1. Dear Lozzy. I’m behind with everything and then some … so I was beautifully surprised by this set-up of yours that I only discovered today, 16th Feb. I think it’s gorgeous and I do thank you, this is what I’ve been doing for a number of years now, but then with Tarot, this year, end of December 2021, I actually did the Clockwise Spread WITH LENORMAND cards instead …. had I read this, I would have actually laid out all 36 cards as you describe here. It would take me as a newby forever, to try and determine the layout then, to see and understand how to interpret a layout with so many cards, but it seems so worth trying, gives a card so much more depth. Thank you so much, gonna give it a “go”. Kind regards, L.B.

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