A New Year Astrological/Life Areas Reading


                                      Lenormand Lily Card Lenormand Tower CardLenormand Fox Card                Lenormand Storks CardLenormand Cross CardLenormand Scythe Card

                                              Aquarius                           Aries 

              Lenormand Ring CardLenormand Woman CardLenormand Sun Card                                                            Lenormand Anchor CardLenormand Bear CardLenormand Coffin Card

                        Capricorn                                                                    Taurus 

 Lenormand Child CardLenormand Birds CardLenormand Stars Card                                                                                           Lenormand Clouds CardLenormand Mountain CardLenormand Dog Card

         Sagittarius                                                                                               Gemini 

                Lenormand Man CardLenormand Rider CardLenormand Fish Card                                                      Lenormand Bouquet CardLenormand Crossroad CardLenormand Book Card

                            Scorpio                                                        Cancer 

                                        Lenormand Whip CardLenormand Snake CardLenormand House Card           Lenormand Ship CardLenormand Key CardLenormand Letter Card

                                              Libra                              Leo  

                                                             Lenormand Clover CardLenormand Moon CardLenormand Garden Card


Aries: The Self: Storks-Cross-Scythe

You are likely to see change in the way you deal with problems and burdens

 Taurus: Property, Resources, Money, Material Security: Anchor-Bear-Coffin

A stable money source that you’ve been relying on may be coming to to an end.

Gemini:  Communication, Knowledge. Creativity: Clouds-Mountain-Dog

Friends may seem distant and you’re unsure why, and you may be feeling rather isolated

Cancer: Home, Family, Roots: Bouquet-Crossroads-Book

Things should be good at home, and you’re likely to discover multiple ways of offering kindness and maybe even making the home look a little better!

Leo: Pleasure, Risk, Love, Attention: Ship-Key-Letter

You may get some important news from abroad or of making significant progress

Virgo: Responsibility, work: Clover-Moon-Garden

Luck and good fortune is currently shining on you and you’ll be seen well in the eyes of the world

Libra: Partnerships, marriage, commitments: Whip-Snake-House

Things may be tricky in terms of your partnerships and commitments, and there could be problems and arguments at home.

Scorpio: Death, sex, psychic abilities: Man-Rider-Fish

The prospect of a new man appears in your life, who is likely someone with an enterprising nature and who may bring wealth and abundance

Sagittarius: Freedom, philosophy, higher learning, travel: Child-Birds-Stars

You are likely to be curious and open-minded, and beginning to communicate your biggest dreams and ambitions.

Capricorn: Status, reputation, organisation, authority: Ring-Woman-Sun

You’ll likely be making a commitment to achieving tangible success at this time, which will improve your authority and reputation.

Aquarius:  Social life, dreams, purpose: Lilies-Tower-Fox

You will have to be smart and play the game to achieve the kind of status, experience and longevity you are looking for.

.Pisces: Intuition, secrets, subconscious, the mystical: Tree-Heart-Mice

You may have secret worries about your romantic wellbeing as well as your vitality and energy levels.