How To Read The 5-Card Spread

The 5-Card Spread

This has become my go-to layout, as it gives me a quick and clear insight into pretty much anything I want to ask.

And as you’ll see, it’s the one I generally use for my personal readings.

Essentially, you pick five cards, and lay them out in a row, the middle card being the focus of the reading.

How to Pick Your Five Cards

I have two ways of picking them. In both cases, I shuffle the deck while holding the question I want answered in my mind. Generally, it is best to avoid ‘yes’ or ‘no’ type questions; this is about details.

Either I pull the five cards out at random when shuffling while concentrating on the question I want to ask. (I find I tend to get a “feeling of knowing” when hovering over a card if it is correct, but this may just be me)


When I already have a clear card ‘focus’ (money, love, work, opportunities, for example, or if I’m asking about a particular person). After I’ve shuffled the cards and feel that the answer is ‘ready’, I find that representative card in the deck, and along with it, pull out the cards that were either side of it in the pack to make my five.

I’ve had good results with both methods.

How To Read The Cards

Card 3 is your Key Card – the centre, or ‘theme’, of the reading.

First, you read the cards individually.

Then, you can get a good summary of the whole reading by reading:

Cards 2 + 3 and  3+4

to get the heart of the reading.

Then use mirroring:

Cards 1+5, 2+4

to get the main issues surrounding that

You can also read the cards in pairs, going along the row, like a story

Card 1 + Card 2

Card 2 + Card 3

Card 3 + Card 4

Card 4 + Card 5

(If you’re not sure about meanings, take a look at the Card Combinations page)

In addition, I have found it can be helpful to add further to the detail by reading all the cards in pairs, so:

Cards 1 +2, 1 +3, 1+ 4, 1+5, for example. Then 2+3, 2+4, 2+5 etc.

Question: What opportunities will be coming up for me this week?

 I shuffled the deck thinking about this question and used the Clover card – representing luck, chance, opportunity –  as the focus.


Birds + Storks + Clover + Fish + Key

The cards individually:

Conversations/communication; fresh start; luck/opportunity; business; key

The core of the reading:

Card 2 + 3, 3+4 = Storks + Clover, Clover + Fish = Lucky new start; business luck


Cards 1 + 5 = Birds + Key = important conversation or communication

Cards 2 + 4 =  Storks + Fish = a new beginning in business

It’s important communication about a new start in business.

Then you can read all the cards in a line:

Card 1 + Card 2 = Birds + Storks = changemaking conversations or communication

Card 2 + Card 3 = Storks + Clover = lucky fresh start

Card 3 + Card 4 = Clover + Fish = freelance business luck or opportunity

Card 4 + Card 5 = Fish + Key = important freelance business, vocation

So this indicates that my opportunities this week involve some kind of conversation or communication about a fresh start, perhaps the chance for a new business for myself that would be key and based around a vocation.


And for further detail about all the main elements:

Cards 1 + 2 = Birds + Storks = changemaking conversations or comms

Card  1 + 3 = Birds + Clover = chance conversation or communication

Cards 1 + 4 = Birds + Fish = business conversation or communication

Cards 1 + 5 = Birds + Key = important conversation or communication

This is also telling me the communication itself is probably a ‘chance’ thing about business that will turn out to be key.

Card 2 + Card 3 = Storks + Clover = opportunity for a fresh start

Cards 2 + 4 =  Storks + Fish = a new beginning in business

Cards 2 + 5 = Storks + Key = an important new beginning

The opportunity involved is not just any old new start, it could be the start of something major for me.

Card 3 + Card 4 = Clover + Fish = freelance business opportunity

Card 3 + Card 5 = Clover + Key =  major opportunity, lifechanging opportunity, lucky twist of fate

In other words, a business opportunity that should not be missed as it’s a big deal

Card 4 + Card 5 = Fish + Key = important freelance business, vocation

The chance perhaps to make a business out of my vocation

So, in summary:

What opportunities will be coming up for me this week?

My opportunities this week involve a chance but key conversation or communication that could translate to a huge and potentially life-changing fresh start, most likely the creation of a new freelance business based around a vocation. It’s a chance that I really shouldn’t miss.



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