5-Card Spread: What’s Coming Up This Week? w/c 27th March 2019

Haven’t done one of these for a while, and a bit late in the week. A nice one though, and not about financial stability or books for once,  so wanted to share.

My 5 cards for the week upcoming:

Lenormand House Card Lenormand Tree Card Lenormand Woman Card Lenormand Heart Card Lenormand Garden Card


Home/Domain—Health/Vitality—Woman—Love/Passion—Public/Social Life

Key Card = WOMAN = Me
Central Cards:

Tree-Woman = Woman’s health, vitality, energy, growth

Woman-Heart = Passionate woman, loving woman


House-Garden = Public domain, public name

Tree-Heart = Passionate growth; loving vitality

Overall, then, a week in which my passions grow and develop in the public domain.

5-Card Chain:

House-Tree = Healthy, vital, growing home-life or domain

Tree-Woman = My growth and vitality

Woman-Heart = Passionate or loving me

Heart-Garden = Public passion

A definite personal development type week, I think, to do with my passions and loves and how I relate to them in public.

In More Detail:

House-Tree = Healthy, vital, growing home-life or domain

House-Woman = My home or domain

House-Heart = Passionate domain, loving home

House-Garden = Public domain; self out in the world

The “domain” in question is something very core, to do with me as a person and how I present myself & my passions publicly

Tree-Woman = My growth and vitality

Tree-Heart = Loving growth, passion health

Tree-Garden = Public growth, social life health

Something to do with a passion or love of mine very definitely grows and develops this week

Woman-Heart = Passionate or loving me

Woman-Garden = Social or public self

Myself as I present myself publicly, with integrity

Heart-Garden = Public passion

Public love, passion or integrity. What I show “out there.”


Initial comments:

A lovely, positive reading and appropriate for the onset of Spring, no? Seems like a bit of a personal Spring, a personal flourishing. I have been neglecting some of my fiction and fiction-related work and it is time to “go public” with some of that I think. I rediscovered something this week that I’d been working on at the end of last year. It was much, much better than I’d thought.