5-Card Spread: What’s Coming Up This Week? 11th March 19

The cards I picked for last week were spot-on, pretty much. I DID spend my whole week writing, fingers to keyboard, and accuracy was key. It seemed to be pretty much all business-related writing rather than my fiction. It was a good week in general though – tiring but productive.

So what’s in store for me this week?



Decision – Success – FINANCES – Stability – Woman

Key Card = BEAR = Finances, Material Security
Central Cards

Sun – Bear = Financial Success

Bear – Anchor = Long term Finances, Financial Security, Stable Finances

Mirrored Cards

Scythe-Woman = Woman’s (My) Decision

Sun-Anchor = Long Term or Lasting Success

So this week a continuation of last really as to why I made the decision to take on the writing work I did; but this week the focus is on the financial security aspect and creating a stable and secure base for myself.

5-Card Chain

Scythe -Sun = Successful Decision

Sun-Bear = Financial Success

Bear-Anchor = Long-Term Finances, Stable Finances

Anchor-Woman = My Security & Stability

A successful decision’s been made about financial success focusing on long-term finances and a financial stability and my financial security; a stable financial base.

In More Detail

Scythe -Sun = Successful Decision

Scythe-Bear = Financial Decision

Scythe-Anchor = Long-Term Decision

Scythe-Woman = My (Woman’s) Decision

I’ve made a successful decision about my long term finances.

Sun-Bear = Financial Success

Sun-Anchor =Long-Term Success

Sun-Woman = My Success

The success is about money in the long term and my success and happiness

Bear-Anchor = Long-Term Finances, Stable Finances

Bear-Woman = My Finances

It’s all about my long term finances and stability

Anchor-Woman = My Security & Stability

Which gives me the secure base I need. 

Initial Comments

Yep. I’m juggling many things and some of it is quite experimental at the moment, the fiction writing especially. Which means that my income can be very up and down although it has several streams – but they can vary wildly. It’s very feast or famine. The work I took on last week was regular and steady and  provided a stable flow of income which will continue to be regular as long as I want it. This gives me the secure back-up I need in order to be able to continue with the other stuff I’m doing and my plans for the future without being in a constant state of panic.





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