4 Practical Uses Of Single Lenormand Card Readings

So you’ve just started reading Lenormand, you’re learning the card meanings—but doing even small readings with three cards still confuses you! Is there any point in trying to do 1-card readings with Lenormand?

The good news is – yes, there is, and in fact, it can really help you familiarise yourself with and get comfortable with Lenormand cards and what they mean!

Read on for four practical ways you can do this – right from when you get your first deck!

Use 1:  As A Beginner,  To Familiarise Yourself With The Meanings Before Going On To Bigger Readings

It can be a hard ask to expect a beginner Lenormand reader who is not yet completely familiar with the card meanings to start doing multi-card readings.

If this is you, and you want to start getting more comfortable with the cards before you go on to bigger readings, why not begin practicing readings with just a single card?

For example, why not start by pulling a card from your deck every morning and asking: “What Is Coming Up For Me Today?” 

For example:

“What Is Coming Up For Me Today?”

(Deck: Ciro Marchetti’s Gilded Reverie Lenormand)

“You will find the solution to a problem, or get an important answer.”

“You will have an important conversation, discussion or phone call – or you’ll be Tweeting!”

You might be able to identify the answer immediately, or if you’re stuck and unfamiliar with the key meanings for that card, just go to the relevant card meanings page, click on the image or card title and look it up!

Notice that for daily readings of all kinds, you might need to ‘dial down’ the meanings a little bit. I wrote about that issue here:

Interpreting Lenormand: Dial It Up Or Down?

Try doing one-card readings for a week or so, and at the end of each day, check back. How accurate was the card you pulled?

Use 2. To Identify The MAIN Influence In Answer To ANY Simple Question

“What’s coming up today?” is not the only question you could ask the Lenormand cards, of course. You could ask them anything at all, although you won’t get much out of them at all if you just ask yes or no questions, particularly not with a single card. Try more open questions, for instance:

“What advice can you give me in this situation?”

“What is my best course of action?”

“How can I best resolve this problem?”

“What should I focus on at this time?”

“How does X feel about me?”

Let’s try answering all of these with the same card, and see how much information we can get just from a single card.

“What advice can you give me in this situation?”

“Finding a solution is hugely important.”

“What is my best course of action?”

“You need to identify the most important factor, really look for the answer”

“How can I best resolve this problem?”

“Keep searching for the key factor, focus on what’s most important.”

“What should I focus on at this time?”

“Only what is most important”

“How does X feel about me?”

“X sees you as someone significant in their life – even maybe the One!”

Use 3: To Practice Answering Questions In Context

Following on from the above, you can also use apply single cards to ANY context you wish, whether that’s Love, Career, Money, Family, Friendships, World Events, Advice… anything! Which is great practice for getting flexible with the card meanings in order to answer ANY question YOU might want your readings to answer. For instance:

“What are the prospects for this relationship?”

“What kind of job is best for me?”

“What is the main feature of this deal?”

“What is that person like as a character?”

“What are the prospects for this relationship?”

“You will communicate well, and should be like a pair of lovebirds!”

“What kind of job is best for me?”

” One which involves communication or using those skills.”

“How will reach a deal?”

“Through negotiation and discussion”

“What is that person like as a character?”

“Talkative and chatty, maybe gossipy.”

Use 4: As Part Of A Larger Reading Made Up Of Sections With Simple Questions

This isn’t a traditional way of using Lenormand cards, but some readers may like to try out layouts cribbed from other card reading systems, like Tarot, for instance. You’ll get a different style of answers from Tarot, but these types of  layouts are often made up of single cards in ‘positions’, or you could even make up your own basic readings or adapt ones you find. For example, you could do a simple reading like this:

Your Current Position Or Issue

You are struggling or in conflict

An Associated Obstacle

Your emotions are getting in the way or helping create it

How You Are Feeling

You feel like just staying at home or keeping it to yourself!

An Action To Take

Be decisive and quickly cut something – or someone – out

A Lesson To Learn

There will always be problems, untrustworthy people and difficulties to deal with in life. Be prepared to address them.

The Route Out Of The Problem

You may need to use official sources or means

What To Focus On Next

Moving on or moving forward

Reading Summary

You find yourself in a situation of struggle or conflict, which is not helped by your emotions. They may be getting in the way or exacerbating the situation. While you might feel like just withdrawing, staying home and keeping to yourself,  you need to be decisive and cut something or someone out of your life quickly. A lesson to learn from this situation is that there will always be difficult people and problems that come up in life; so you need to expect them and know how to address them. In this case, you may need to resort to official means in some way, and your long term focus should be on moving away from this situation and moving forward in your life.


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