How To Get More Info: Knighting in a 9 Card (3×3, Box) Spread

As you’ll be aware, the Grand Tableau is a complex spread, or at least has the potential to be,  with a lot of additional techniques you can use; Houses and Knighting in particular in order to tap more information.

The 9 card spread (or 3×3 or Box spread) is actually a small part of a Grand Tableau, and you can use the techniques you’d use in the smaller reading to further focus on and explore any life area of the GT that you’d like to go more into.

But did you know that even in a small 9 card spread, you can employ some of those Grand Tableau techniques for extra info? You can’t use the Houses technique, obviously, as that requires all 36 cards, but one useful technique you can use is Knighting. I explored this technique in the post Knighting, Mirroring and Reflection in the Grand Tableau, which you can find under the Lenormand Card Layouts tab in the menu. You cannot using the knighting technique in a 3 or 5 card spread.

Reminder: What Is Knighting?

Any given card can be “knighted” (ie influenced in particular by) in a box spread by the cards that are in the ‘knight’ position to it as in a chess game. This is basically two cards away on the same axis (horizontal or vertical) and then one across on the opposite axis.

Here’s an example. If we want to find out even more about Card 1, it is being knighted both by Card 6 (two across, one down), and by Card 8 (two down and one across from it.)

In a 9 card spread, all the cards EXCEPT the centre card can be knighted in this way. So for the rest:

Card 2, by Cards 7 & 9

Card 3, by Cards 4 & 8

Card 4, by Cards 3 & 9


Card 6, by Cards 1 & 7

Card 7, by Cards 2 & 9

Card 8, by Cards 1 & 3

Card 9, by Cards 7 & 9, by Cards 4 & 2

How To Read Knighted Cards

It’s easiest to read them in paired combinations. I’d use the card appearing on the right of the pair to influence the card appearing on the left, as usual. (For more on how to read combinations, check here for Lenormand Card Combinations: The No. 1 Secret).

Most of them will be in combination with the card in question, but you can also read the two knighted cards as a pair, but usually only if they are on the same axis.

Let’s try an example.

The question is a current affairs one:

What News Is Coming Up This Week?

Lenormand Whip CardLenormand Birds Card Lenormand Woman Card

Lenormand Crossroad CardLenormand Clover CardLenormand Heart Card

Lenormand Anchor CardLenormand Lily CardLenormand Bear Card

First, we’ll follow the step by step approach to reading the rest of the spread as per my instructions for the  9 card spread (or 3×3 or Box spread) here:

  • At the centre of the reading is the Clover, so this reading is about luck, chance, an opportunity.
  • Around this opportunity or chance are multiple conversations or the choice of a conversation (Birds-Crossroads), old or mature choices or to do with someone older or into old age (Crossroads-Lily) loving later years, a loving older person or a later life romance (Lily-Heart) and talking about love and romance (Heart-Birds).
  • Sitting above the opportunity or chance or piece of luck, so what is on the surface or ‘known’ about it is that it concerns a woman or women having an argument or conflict, struggling or issuing a spoken challenge (Whip-Birds-Woman).
  • The most direct answer to the question of what is coming up this week are romantic options or possible paths around an opportunity or chance. An opportunity for choices in love (Crossroads-Clover-Heart).
  • Under the surface of this opportunity is longevity, financial security into old age and for the long term (Anchor-Lily-Bear).
  • The background to this opportunity or chance is a long-term conflict, disagreement or struggles that are permanent and long term choices being made (Whip-Crossroads-Anchor).
  • The present situation is an older person’s conversation around an opportunity, or an older person or people. A chance to talk and about lifelong and possibly past opportunities (Birds-Clover-Lily)
  • The near future is likely to be a wealthy woman centred around love. A loving or romantic woman and a romantic relationship that brings material security or wealth (Woman-Heart-Bear).
  • Past to future influences show the chance for a conflict being lucrative and a financial opportunity (Whip-Clover-Bear) as well as a long term opportunity for the woman concerned (Anchor-Clover-Woman).

Hmm.  Now, I wonder which major headline-hitting international news story this week THIS could be about?! Seems appropriate to be talking about games of chess and “moves”…

Now let’s look at the knighting cards to see if we can get more info.

Knighting and Knighted Cards

So to get additional information on this spread, let’s go through each card reading those that knight it.

  • The Whip is knighted by both Heart and Lily. Romantic struggles or arguments in a relationship, possibly sex (Whip-Heart) and ‘older’ conflicts, perhaps with older or senior people (Whip-Lily)
  • The Birds are knighted by the Anchor and Bear. A conversation or discussion that is fixed and permanent, for the long term (Anchor-Birds), and financial or wealth discussions (Birds-Bear) in which financial security plays a large part (Anchor-Bear).
  • The Woman is knighted by the Crossroads and Lily. The choices a woman makes, the options chosen (Crossroads-Woman). A woman’s wisdom or experience, a woman and an older person, perhaps a male (Lily-Woman).
  • The Crossroads are knighted by the Woman and Bear. So again, the woman’s choices (Crossroads-Woman) and  financial, power and security choices (Crossroads-Bear) and once again, a wealthy or powerful woman (Woman-Bear).
  • The Heart is knighted by the Whip and Anchor. Romantic arguments or passionate conflicts or sex (Whip-Heart). Romantic longevity or security via a romance (Anchor-Heart).
  • The Anchor is knighted by the Birds and Heart. Talking about the long term, stable conversation (Anchor-Birds)  romantic stability (Anchor-Heart)
  • The Lily’s knighted by the Whip and Woman. This suggests mature or elder conflict or struggle, or ‘discipline’ from elders (Whip-Lily). Woman’s maturity or experience (Lily-Woman) or an older person, possibly a male or father. A woman’s conflict, struggle or argument (Whip-Woman).
  • The Bear  is knighted by the Crossroads and Birds. Financial or power options (Crossroads-Bear) and financial talks or discussion (Birds-Bear)

So, putting it all together into a ‘story’:

What News Is Coming Up This Week?

Main Reading: The news this week centres on an opportunity or chance for someone, which involve multiple or the choice of a conversation or to talk. It’s connected to conversations with someone older, wiser or experienced, a loving older person or a later life romance and talking about a love relationship or in a heartfelt way. The most open part of the opportunity is that it’s for a woman to air or discuss a conflict, or issue a verbal challenge. At heart it is about the chance to make romantic choices, or “choosing love”, but under the surface it is also about financial security and long term wealth perhaps involving older people. There is a long term or permanent conflict in the background to this around choices, including possibly choosing to fight. Now there is the opportunity to talk about older people, and ahead, for a woman to gain wealth and power from a love relationship.

Knighted Cards Additional Info: There appear to have been struggles and fights within the romantic romantic relationship or it may be that it’s been highly sexual. There have also been conflicts with older people. A conversation or discussion becomes ‘permanent’, perhaps long-lasting or fixed, and both financial discussions and financial security or permanent power are part of that. It’s about the woman’s path and choices, and this seems to have something to do with her experiences or with her and someone older in her life, perhaps a man or father figure. The woman’s choices, particularly financial ones, and gaining financial stability, to become a wealthy or powerful woman. Romantic arguments or sex again, as well as romantic longevity and stability through love. Romantic stability, and talking about stability and security, the long term, a permanent conversation. The woman has conflicts and struggle with older people, and she may be harsh or critical. There are options to do with money and power, the road to power and wealth, perhaps, and talking about money.

See just how much info you can get from this relatively small layout?

Why not try it for yourself and see?


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