10 Most Popular Posts of 2020!

And a Happy New Year 2021 to all my readers!

I’m not entirely convinced given this week’s events in the States, to be honest, as well as us here in the UK with our lovely “British strain” of corona, but am keeping my fingers crossed that 2021 will somehow manage eventually to be an improvement on the previous. Who knows? We will see.

Anyway, I put a ton of information here on the blog, as you know, so if you have some catching up to do, here are the posts, aside from card meanings, combos and basic layouts, that were the most popular of the blog in 2020.

Hope you find them useful!

1. Positive & Negative Card Meanings: Answer Yes or No?
2. Traditional GT Reading with Near/Far Meanings
3. 10 Tips For Asking Empowering Lenormand Questions
4. Overwhelmed by The Grand Tableau? 6 Ways To Read It
5. All About Lenormand Timings i: Card Meanings
6. How To Choose Which Lenormand Layout To Use
7. 4 Factors That Affect Card Meanings In A Reading
8. Using Extra Cards In Decks: Yes or No?
9. Lenormand Playing Card Inserts, What Are They For?
10. How To Get To The Root of  A Lenormand Reading

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