News and World Events: Cards & Combinations To Look Out For

Now, most Lenormand readers use the cards for purely personal purposes, either in readings for themselves or for other people.

But what if you fancy trying your hand, Marie Lenormand or Celebrated Fortune Teller style, at more ‘major events’ type prediction?

Well, here are some cards you might see coming up should you choose the News, Current Affairs and World Events context for your Lenormand readings.

Signs of Trouble/Impending Disaster

Lenormand Cross CardMost reported news, as we know, tends to be the bad stuff. Doom, gloom, disasters, crises and conflict.

General burdens, crises, a period of depression, reparation, debts and so on would be represented by the Cross. Be aware also that it can also represent religions (organised) as well as challenges and testing times to get through

Storm clouds brewing, uncertainties could appear as the Cloud, overshadowing everything. Look out also for the Clouds passing, and the sunnier side of the card shining on whatever you are looking at in other cards. This, on the positive side, could well indicate moving out of a difficult period.

The Coffin speaks for itself, speaking of endings, finality and death. But if followed directly by the Storks, it has a phoenix-like quality, signalling major transformations and rebirth. Careful of the card order here: Coffin—Storks, transformation, the beginning of the end, whereas Stork-Coffin is more suggestive of false starts, promise unfulfilled.

Lenormand Mice CardGeneral undermining factors, for example, periods of recession and loss, generally anxious times or where the fabric of society is crumbling, either literally or metaphorically, could be best indicated by the Mice, with its sense of erosion.

Watch out for the Scythe toodepending on your question, it suggests splits and schisms, as well as violence, especially sudden violence. The surrounding cards should Lenormand Snake Cardgive you more information. Is an agreement breached, a union ended, or are we talking religion-related violence or division between two factions? Conflict, though, is generally indicated by the Whip. Mass conflict, riots etc? Look for the Garden combined with that, to represent the public, people in general, crowds.

As usual, untrustworthiness, those out for themselves, the wily can be represented by the Fox, so that’s a lot of politicians, then! Watch out too, for the Snake , both an indication of trouble and problems, but also betrayals, sometimes on a grand scale.

Which, of course, leads us to…


Government & Politics

Lenormand Tower Card

Lenormand Bear CardThe seat of power, government itself, is usually represented by the Tower which stands for governance, high status, officialdom, the establishment in general. The Tower can also represent government buildings and departments. Combined with the Birds, the Tower can also represent Parliament (from parler, to talk), the place of government discussion and debate. You could also see the House in this context representing, say, the House of Representatives, or, in the UK, the Houses of Parliament, either the Commons or Lords, although the House more usually would represent domestic affairs. Power itself, though, is often represented by the Bear . This can also represent the person in charge.

Lenormand Crossroad CardWhat about elections? Well, the Crossroads is a good sign of that, especially if accompanied by the Letter, showing a vote or ballot or even a bill. A change in government could be indicated by the Storks; the government staying the same, by the Anchor.

As I said, I often associated the Fox with politicians smart, wily, always on the make and on the lookout for Lenormand Fox Cardadvantage, not necessarily to be trusted. Watch out too, for newcomers, often represented by the Rider“— someone new on the scene, as well as approaching events. The Rider always has a kind of ‘sweeping in’ sense about it. The cavalry has arrived!

And of course, victories for any given candidate would be likely represented by the Sun, the Bouquet, for instance. Naturally, the people themselves would also be represented by the Man and Woman cards, so check the surrounding cards for any descriptions that give clues to their identity.


War and Peace

Lenormand Whip CardThe Whip represents war and conflict as well as disagreements of all kinds. Where the Whip tends to represent the conflict itself, the Scythe connected with it is more likely to represent violence, acts of violence  and armed conflict. The Scythe also indicates any splits and divisions,  Brexit, for instance, I would have put firmly with the Scythe. You also could have the Crossroads and the cards either side of it representing two different ‘sides’ of a debate or conflict.

Negotiations of all kinds would be represented by the Birds, with surrounding cards indicating the matters Lenormand Birds Cardbeing discussed; the Tree or Garden for environmental issues, for instance, the Whip for a conflict, the Mountain for borders. Birds + Garden combined also indicate group discussions, so conferences, summits, and combined with the Tower, that would also indicate official or government-level involvement

Enemies would be represented by the Snake, sometimes the Fox (for underhand enemies) but also traditionally the Mountain which represents obstacles and opposition of all kinds, as well as physical borders.

Your allies and partners, on the other hand, would be represented by the Lenormand Dog CardDog. Long-Lenormand Ring Cardterm, solid allies, if combined with the Lily or Anchor, new allies, perhaps combined with the Rider. Watch out for enemies disguised as friends, however (for instance, the Dog and the Fox or Dog and Snake combined). The end of conflict, although the Lily can indicate peace in general, would most usually be signalled more officially by the Ring – Agreements, Deals, Accords, Treaties, and signed agreements, particularly if in combination with the Letter.

Economy, Trade Issues

Because of the era in which they were created, a number of Lenormand cards did originally have strong associations with trade as it related to economic issues

Lenormand Ship Card

Lenormand Fish CardWhere the Bear would represent the economy in general, the Ship, in particular, indicates international trade and trading, as well as issues like immigration and emigration and international/the global in general.

The Fish, on the other hand, would indicate more the business side of things, enterprise, entrepreneurialism and so on. Big corporations and big business, though, would be more represented by the Tower.

Other National Issues

Much as each Lenormand cards and Houses can represent the different life areas of an individual, such as Love, Wellbeing, Family and so on, on a grander scale, you can use the cards to represent those areas in more of a national or international sense.

Lenormand Book CardSo, for example, Health could be represented by the Tree, Education by the Book (Tower + Book for educational institutions), domestic/inland matters by the Lenormand Garden CardHouse, the International by the Ship. The public as a whole by the Garden, the Heart could represent charity and the caring professions. Official and legal matters, the judiciary, infrastructure and government by the Tower. The elderly, the Lily, the young, the Child and so on. Just as with the life of an individual, pretty much all national life areas can be covered by the cards, depending on the questions and angle you choose.

Positive Events

Let’s face it, we don’t actually hear about these too often in the news, but whether it be sports wins, gold medals, victories, weddings, or things generally looking up, good news does sometimes happen in the world!

Lenormand Sun Card

Sun: Success and positivity in all its forms. Times are good, the Sun touching everything in its path (Note: the Sun can also represent a hot country.) Likewise, Stars – reaching big, the sign of high achievements, victories and also celebrity and fame.

The Moon, on the other hand, can also show the the Lenormand Bouquet Cardesteem a country may be held in, reputation; held up as a beacon, perhaps, for others to follow, whereas the Anchor would likely indicate a period of stability; always a good thing to look for after a period of disruption or uncertainty. The area of stability would be indicated by any surrounding cards.  Smaller pieces of luck, so one off incidents or achievements, could be indicated by the Clover or Bouquet. The Bouquet and the Tree in particular, can indicate growth, a kind of springlike flourishing


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