Personal Development Readings I: Cards & Combos To Look Out For

3 thoughts on “Personal Development Readings I: Cards & Combos To Look Out For”

  1. Really important topic to bring to the surface. It is very common to say that for personal development Tarot should be used. Personally I do not like dragging in extra cards like those in the guilde. They might have their function, but when adding them something else is created not being Lenormand but using the lenormand system. But all to their own I guess.

    1. Yes, I have to say I largely agree with you when it comes to extra cards for most readings, Anna (see my post on Extra Cards In Decks: Yes or No?). The 36 card decks themselves should usually be enough for most readings and purposes, although I have noticed when playing with this particular deck, that these seemed particularly useful in psychological readings, although some of the cards are more useful than others. That said, I am absolutely not a purist; nearly all Lenormand readers now have diverged quite a long way from ‘traditional’ Lenormand readings, and ultimately, individual readers will also incorporate their own ‘ways’ into how they personally use the cards.

      I actually feel quite strongly that the Tarot/Lenormand divide on psychological readings is not strictly true although as a very down to earth person who seeks underlying patterns, that’s partly personal preference and style. They are obviously very different. Tarot is more mystical, esoteric and intellectual and Lenormand more direct and blunt, but also grounded and speaks to universal, earthy and day to day energies, I find. I don’t know why, but for me that seems to works better for the psychological than Tarot. Anyway. Interesting discussion.

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