Lenormand Money Readings II: 5 Readings To Try

In  the last post, we looked at the most common Lenormand money meanings and the cards and combinations you might find in any spread about money.

You can test your knowledge in the Lenormand Money Meanings Quiz here.

But what ARE some of the money readings you can try for yourself? What are some of the most common or useful money questions?


5 Lenormand Money Readings To Try

1. Q: What Are My Financial Prospects In General?

One of the easiest ways to answer this question is to use the Bear card as a key card to focus the reading (you can also read around the Bear card in a Grand Tableau).

Depending on how much depth you want to go into here, you can use a 3-Card, a 5-Card or a 9-Card reading here. A 3-Card Reading with the Bear in the centre will give you just a very quick overview, a 5-Card more depth, and a 9-card even more depth as well as past, current and future influences.

Here, we’ll do a 9-Card Reading as an example in answer to this question, using the Bear as a keycard. Take a look at the cards for yourself first, and then click on the link provided to see my interpretation of this reading.

Lenormand Garden CardLenormand Man CardLenormand Lily Card

Lenormand Rider CardLenormand Bear CardLenormand Ring Card

Lenormand Anchor CardLenormand Birds CardLenormand Sun Card

Check My Interpretation

Do you agree?

2. Q: Will My Financial Prospects Improve Soon, And If So, When?

This is a common money question, but there are actually two questions involved here:

A. Will my financial prospects improve soon, yes or no?

B. When?

So a Yes/No question (don’t forget that the answer could be no as well as yes! Which would make the second part redundant) and then a timing question. For ANY question involving timings, you should go for as short a reading as possible – one, three and certainly no more than five cards. Otherwise, it just gets far too complicated and you’ll find it hard to pull out meaningful information.

So in this example, I pull the following three cards to answer that question.

Lenormand Sun CardLenormand Rider Card Lenormand Bouquet Card

Remind yourself of how to read 3-Card Spreads, Yes/No Questions and Timings, and then check out my interpretation.

Check My Interpretation


3. Q: How Can I Get The Money I’m Hoping For?

Another common question. To answer this, it depends how much detail you want in your situation. You can use a 3-card, 5-card or 9-card spread for this.

Personally, I would do a reading ‘blind’ for this, as in, without a keycard, to give me as many clues as possible. Here, I’m going to use a 5-Card spread to answer this question.

Lenormand Fish Card Lenormand Man Card Lenormand Letter Card Lenormand Bear Card Lenormand Fox Card

Remind yourself of how to read 5-Card spreads, and then check out my interpretation.

Check My Interpretation


4. Q: Would I Make More Money If I Did X or Y?

Here, you use the cards to basically give you information about two (or more) separate, hypothetical options. Essentially, you perform a reading for each possible pathway, Option A and Option B. Again, you can use any number of cards to do this, but three cards for each is fine to get a general overview.  Try and apply the meanings to something that makes sense in the money context.

Example: Would I Make More Money If I Did Project A or Project B?


Lenormand Stars Card Lenormand Heart Card Lenormand Bear Card

Project A


  Lenormand Snake Card Lenormand Lily Card Lenormand House Card

 Project B

Which do you think is likely to be the better option?

Check My Interpretation


5. A General Money Reading

Finally, here’s another reading you can try. I’ve adapted it from a Tarot money reading (more on inventing your own spreads another time!), but as it’s Lenormand, I find it’s generally more helpful to read each ‘section’ as pairs of cards. Good practice for card combinations too! I prefer to do more ‘active’ readings, but  you could make it more of a fortune-telling, “what will happen?” one.

Shuffle the cards, and lay them out like this:

2. Beliefs around Money


1 Current Money Situation      4. Lessons To Learn           5. Actions To Take

3. Past Influences Re: Money


Then read the cards in pairs for each section, applying them to a money context.

Check Card Combinations here to help you – although remember, these won’t give you all possible interpretations. How would you adapt those to the context?

Example Reading


Lenormand Mountain Card Lenormand Storks Card

2. Beliefs around Money

Lenormand Letter CardLenormand Man Card          Lenormand Dog Card Lenormand Ship Card     Lenormand Tower Card  Lenormand Rider Card

1 Current Money Situation      4. Lessons To Learn           5. Actions To Take

Lenormand Child CardLenormand Fox Card

3. Past Influences Re: Money

How would you read these cards?

Check My Interpretation


Do You Need More Guidance?

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