All About Lenormand Timings II: How To Read Them

Lots of my readers, particularly those who are most interested in prediction and fortune telling, ask about using the Lenormand cards for timings. In my last post, I wrote about the most common Lenormand card timings meanings.

Today, I’m going to look at the numerous ways you can read Lenormand cards for timings—as well as some of the problems with “timing” readings, not least some of the assumptions that can be made that can limit the usefulness of your readings.

So take a look at some of the different ways here:

Put Timing Into The Question By Asking About What Will Happen In A Time Period

For this, you don’t need to use any of the card timing meanings at all; the idea of a time period is included already in the question. So, for instance:

  • What’s coming up for me in the next 6 months?
  • What’s the biggest thing that is likely to happen to me this week?
  • Name one positive thing that will happen to me today?
  • What am I likely to see coming up in my love life in the next three months?
  • What does the next year hold for me?
Use A Reading Type That Already Tends To Cover A Time Period

Some reading layouts tend to have an element of future time already embedded, and also tend to cover certain time periods.

  • 9-card layout. The right-hand column generally represents “near future” influences. It depends on the question, but generally, I find it covers the next few weeks and sometimes a month or two, but nearly always within two to three months.
  • The Grand Tableau. The Grand Tableau overall nearly always covers periods of between six months to a year. Don’t ask me why, it just does, although it should be noted that you don’t HAVE to have it time-based at all.  It can, like the 9-Card spread, cover past, present and future (with the position of the Querent card denoting the “present” column, any cards to the left, the past and any to the right, the future). Or you can specify that you want it to solely cover future influences. The cards in the left hand columns would then cover nearer future and moving further on in time as you read rightwards along the columns. For a year, then, this would mean each column of a 9 x 4 Grand Tableau reading represents a time period of approximately six weeks
Add Timing Into Any Reading Of A Question About Something Else

Generally, this is for “Will I… and when?” type questions, which are by far the most common types of question people ask when they’re looking for future predictions.

Now, obviously, this kind of question includes many assumptions – particularly the idea that our futures are fixed and predestined along a very rigid timeline and we have no influence on them whatsoever. Personally, I don’t believe this, I’m afraid.  I think it’s limiting. Also, you’ll find that  “When will I… and when?” type questions nearly always involve a desire and the assumption that the answer is going to be “Yes.” But the real answer may not necessarily be yes at all. It may be “no” or “maybe” and therefore you may well not get the most accurate or useful reading if you try to read timings this way. (For more  on the assumptions behind questions and really getting to the bottom of what you’re looking for, check out these posts:

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The other problem here is that a standard reading is likely to have many cards included, with many potential times indicated on top of what the cards are actually saying in terms of their meanings in relation to the question. How on earth would you sort through them all to come up with some kind of timing?

Take this particular example of a question asked of the cards. This is about an old acquaintance I’ve not seen for years, but who oddly keeps popping into my head. Naturally, I am curious as to what this may be about.

Will I ever see this man again, and if so, when?

Lenormand Garden Card Lenormand Man Card Lenormand Fox Card Lenormand Coffin Card Lenormand Cross Card


Well, first off, there are two parts to this question.

The first—Will I ever see this man again?— is a yes/no question. Generally, these aren’t ideal in any case, but one way of telling whether or not the answer is tending towards the “Yes” or the “No” is to look at the overall spread of cards for positives and negatives. See the post Positive & Negative Card Meanings: Answer Yes or No? for more on this. You will see that in fact, there are two neutral cards (Garden, Man) and three negative cards (Fox, Coffin, Cross.) Already, this tells me that the likely answer to this question is probably no, I won’t see him again. This may or may not be what I want to hear. (In my case, I’m pretty neutral, just curious. But do be aware of the assumptions inherent in the question.)

But imagine it didn’t. And imagine we then tried to just look up the ‘timing meanings’ to come up with some sort of time and date for these cards. We have:

  • 20, 20 days, 20th, 20 months, years
  • 28, 28 days, weeks, a month, months, years
  • 14, 14 days, weeks, months, years, the 14th
  • 8 days, weeks, months, years, 8th of the month, August
  • 36 days, weeks, months, years, long lasting

If you’re anything like me, you won’t find those numbers of much use at all. They are all over the place and quite confusing. It’s not as though they are all saying the same thing or similar. I mean, sure, you could try to force them all into some sort of precise date/time format (I don’t know, like, for instance, trying to read them from left to right in numbers, such as 20:28 on the 14th August, 2036) but that’s pretty precise, you’re either going to be right or wrong, and I’d have to wait just over 16 years to find out if that was any kind of a prediction! Besides which, we already know the answer is probably ‘no, you won’t.’ So this is entirely hypothetical.

But also if you’re anything like me, you’ll have quickly spotted something in the message of these cards and a hint as to where  and when I would be mostly likely to see this person again and under what circumstances IF the answer was to be ‘yes’

It’s a funeral, or possibly a memorial service, most likely for a man.

See that?

You have a gathering or an event (Garden) you have a Man. Then you have someone working, or possibly a deceitful person (Fox). You have an ending or death (Coffin) and finally, you have the Cross, which, associated with both the Coffin and the Garden, could indicated religion or a religious ceremony. A religious gathering or event for a dead man connected with work OR who was deceitful or a tricky character.

Q: Will I ever see this man again and if so, when?

A: You are unlikely to see this man again. If you do, it would be most likely to be at a funeral or memorial service.

Harsh, but there we have it.

Importantly, you can see from this example that trying to use the ‘timing’ meanings in a question of this sort is not necessarily particularly helpful. It’s the cards themselves that really tell more of a story and open up possibilities for a future – and a future that may or may not be fixed at that.

Use The Playing Card Pips

If you have a deck with playing cards, you can also try adding the pips to see if you can come up with a single card for a “timing message.” This is one of the methods I mentioned for using the playing card references in my post Lenormand Card Playing Inserts: How To Use Them.

Be warned, though, you still may not get a clear timing. In the reading above, the Will I Ever See This Man Again and When? question, the ‘pips’ on a Lenormand deck that has them would be as follows:

8 Spades  A Hearts. 9 Clubs. 9 Diamonds  6 Clubs

If I add the pips with Aces low, I get: 8 + 1 + 9 +9 + 6 = 33 Key. Timing-wise, this could mean 33 days, weeks, months, years – or “Eternity.” Not very useful.

If I add the pips with Aces high, I get: 8 + 14 + 9 +9 + 6 = 46= 4+6 = 10 Scythe. This could mean, 10 days, weeks, a decade or at a painful time or even during surgery or in an accident!

It kind of fits with the negativity of the previous reading (as pip readings often do) but again, may or may not be useful. As you see, the context of the reading and also your own intuitions about it also have a part to play.

Do a Reading Specifically For the Timing Question

A far better  method on timing is to carry out a reading JUST for the timing. To avoid the kind of confusions above, I would also keep it short: just one card, say, or up to a maximum of three cards.

When Will I See My Friend Again?

  Lenormand Rider Card

Answer: Very Soon, in a day or so

Lenormand Sun Card

Answer: In The Summer OR on the 31st

OK, so what about more cards? Now, imagine I had had some money promised to me. So I know this money is coming and some time soon, but I am not sure when it is going to arrive. I ask the cards and pull three to answer this specific question.

When Will My Money Arrive?

Lenormand Storks Card Lenormand Sun Card Lenormand Lily Card

17. Storks  31. Sun. 30. Lily

Use The Timing Meanings

So you have quite a lot of options here and you’re going to have to use your intuition to suit both the cards and the situation.

  • Seventeen Days, Weeks, Seventeenth of the Month, Change of Season, During Change
  • Thirty-One days, A Month, 31st, Daytime. Dawn. A hot summer
  • Thirty days, Thirtieth of the month. A long time. Winter. Later in Life

Now, looking at the cards, it it immediately strikes me that timing-wise we’ve got two seasons there, and a card that represents a change of season. None of the cards appears to represent a specific month, although two of them represent approximately a month in timespan. The most obvious interpretation for me would be When The Season Changes From Summer To Winter.  It could also, perhaps, be 17 days and two months.

But you’ll see that even with a list of timing meanings in front of you, it’s not obvious. You really do need to use your intuition to read the cards and make sense of them.

Read The Cards As A Series of Events

The other thing you can do in answer to timing questions is treat the cards as a series of events that need to happen. So rather than assigning specific timeframes, dates or timing meanings, instead, you can look at the cards in terms of likely events or happenings

When will my money arrive?

Lenormand Storks Card Lenormand Sun Card Lenormand Lily Card

After a change (Storks) in the summer/or to a positive mindset (Sun) to do with age, experience or someone older (Lily)

When will I meet this person again?

Lenormand Snake Card Lenormand Storks Card Lenormand Heart Card

When negativity or betrayal (Snake) has changed (Storks)  into love (Heart)

When am I likely to get a job?

Lenormand Crossroad Card Lenormand Rider Card Lenormand Key Card

When the choice or options ahead (Crossroads) deliver or present (Rider) the answer (Key)

Personally, I find the last option the most effective and useful method by far, but you may find differently. The only way you’re going to find out, though, is to try it out for yourself, keep a record, and see.


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