Lenormand Playing Card Inserts I: What Are They For?

4 thoughts on “Lenormand Playing Card Inserts I: What Are They For?”

  1. The thing I like about the card inserts is:
    I can learn to associate the playing card with the lenormand symbol.
    Is I get better, then any playing deck of cards is able to become an impromptu lenormand deck (all I need to do is remove the 2’s, 3’s, 4’s, and fives. Can keep the jokers and attribute them with unique meaning. I’ve also used blank cards in tarot to represent “situation not completely formed yet, consider reading the topic again later”)

    1. Yes, I agree, Roger. An excellent kind of ’emergency’ Lenormand deck. I definitely find that the inserts can start to add extra info and depth to meanings too.

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