What’s The Difference? Meanings for Cards That Get Confused

3 thoughts on “What’s The Difference? Meanings for Cards That Get Confused”

  1. Fabrício Franco

    What about sex cards? Particularly, I don’t like Lilies to represent sex, but do you have something to say about it? I would love to know.

    1. Hi Fabricio,

      I never use the Lilies for sex, so I didn’t include them here, as for me it isn’t a different-cards-meaning-the-same-thing conflict. I have written about it quite a bit elsewhere on the blog. As you’ll see from the card meanings, I tend to use the Whip card for sex. If you have the Rana George Lenormand, she has a Bed card to use. Hope that helps. Lozzy.

      1. Fabrício Franco

        Hi, Lozzy.

        Rereading some of your articles and your recently acquired book (I enjoyed it very much!), it made much more sense. Thank you for your clarifications and lessons.

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